The clean in So Paulo can accommodate up to 13 athletes. see economy

The clean in So Paulo can accommodate up to 13 athletes.  see economy

So Paulo has already dismissed, released or returned ten athletes since the end of Brasileirao. The relationship includes Benitez, Bruno Alves, William, Rojas, Orezuela, Shylon, Lucas Perry, Galeno, Rodrigo Freitas and Dennis Jr.

according to a survey of blog, Tricolor’s monthly savings with Stampede exceed R$1.65 million. And it will increase further in the coming days. So Paulo are still looking to negotiate the departures of forward Eder and Pablo and midfielder Vitor Bueno.

Apart from Rogério Ceni’s plans, all three cost around R$1.5 million per month. BRL 600,000 with Eder, BRL 500,000 with Pablo and BRL 380,000 with Vitor Bueno. Eder must have the contract terminated, while Pablo and Vitor will be loaned or sold.

If there are ten left, three have been hired by now: Rafinha, Alison and Jandrei. Free from all bondage. In other words, they only come with the cost of the salary, which together is equal to R$700 thousand. Rafinha will earn approximately R$300K, followed by R$250K by Alison and R$150,000 by Jandrei.

In other words, even before the departure of Eder, Pablo and Vitor Bueno, the tricolor economy had already reached $955 thousand per month. Intended to reduce payroll costs to have the capacity of new employees such as Douglas Costa, Soteldo, David …

It’s good to remember that, as of January, Arboleda will be receiving more. After the renewal of the contract his salary was increased from $190 thousand monthly to $400 thousand.

SPFC Economy with Deband:
– Bruno Alves: BRL 370 thousand per month
– Benitez: R$ 350 million
– William: R$ 250 million
– Rojas: R $ 250 thousand
– oregano *: R $ 200 thousand
– Shylon: BRL 80 thousand
– Lucas Perry: BRL 40 thousand
– Galliano: BRL 50 thousand
– Rodrigo Freitas: BRL 40 thousand
– Dennis Jr.: R$25 million

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* This amount is equal to the portion that So Paulo Grmio promises to pay during the loan

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