The Cobra Kai character on Netflix is ​​actually a serial killer

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Netflix’s Cobra Kai is an unexpected but very welcome comeback story. Who would have expected how amazing the karate kid villain Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) could be as a middle-aged hero, or how successful he could continue to modernize this brilliant 1980s franchise?

In Cobra Kai, most of the characters who have returned have grown up and found themselves separated from their younger “selves” under the circumstances. However, one character in particular remains completely, horrifically unchanged: John Cressey (Martin Cove).

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When Kresse returns to his former stronghold at the end of the first season of Cobra Kai, the series takes an apparently dark turn. The films of the sensory crease, Karate Kid, already had a horrifying appearance and, if it was possible, their devotees of Cobra Kai and the septuagenarian “I” are even more frightening.

From his total brutality and propensity to chase his enemies to his total desire to kill Daniel LaRusso at the end of season three, Cressey seems almost out of place – like a brutal and manipulative serial killer in a series of fun action Thrown in the middle. .

By the way, this is not an exaggeration. Loper also a clinical and forensic psychologist and certified personality disorder specialist, Drs. Looked for John Paul Garrison, and it was revealed that Craze’s serial killer vibes may be worryingly close to the character’s true nature.

Here are the type of symptoms of serial killer that Drs. Garrison says the cobra exhibits John Cressey of Kai.

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Insensitivity, inability to make changes, impenetrability and obsession with power are just characteristics that can be used to describe many serial killers – but the point is that Cressey is already a killer. He is the only character in the Cobra Kai / Karate Kid franchise who murdered a person – and he seems completely comfortable with her.

Dr. Allow Garrison to explain why the young Cresse (Barrett Carnan) decision to have his commanding officer fall into a fatal tomb falls into this category: “In the third season, this flashback shows that Crayus is seen as his superior officer Was being deployed to Vietnam. “

“After being captured by the Viet Kong, Cressey and his superior were forced to fight to the death. The United States came to rescue the troops in the midst of this battle, giving Cressey a chance to stop the fight and escape. Instead of immediately fleeing with other forces, Crayus first chooses to assassinate his superior officer. “

It is scary that a normal person should be completely traumatized by an event like this, but Cressey actually makes that moment his full identity.

“Instead of living his life regretting that decision, he feels inclined towards it,” Dr. Says the garrison.

“Most people who go through this way will develop post-traumatic stress, and usually people who have post-traumatic stress try to avoid painful memories and not think about these types of situations. Let’s try. “

“Cressy opens a school under the mantra of what she said just before her first murder: without mercy.” Like a serial killer, this first experience does not weaken you emotionally, but encourages you to adopt your psychopathic behavior. “

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Knowing all this about Cressey’s serial killer traits, who knows what kind of body count he does during his decades of off-screen?

Cobra Kai is now available on Netflix.

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