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Diretora de Mulher-Maravilha 1984 revela que Thor: Ragnarok é o melhor filme da Marvel

Patty Jenkins recalled the invitation to direct Thor 2 and the reasons she had left the film.

Patty Jenkins, Director of Wonder Woman 1984 – And who returns in the third superhero film -, revealed in an interview for the podcast WTF with Mark MaronThor: Ragnarok is one of the best films in Marvel history. He also recalled the second feature of the god of thunder and the invitation he received to direct the cause by which he was granted the franchise.

During the conversation, Jenkins said that Taika Waititi was the perfect option for this Thor: Ragnarok, “I’m so glad that the Thor franchise got Taika (Waititi), because it’s perfectly fit. It’s awesome”. He also emphasized how the film managed to find a balance between humor and action: “The film is very funny and is very well executed. Taika is a great director and has made an incredible film ”.

Remember that before Alan Taylor produced Thor: The Dark World, Patty jenkins Was leading the project, and would even be the first woman to direct a film Miracle. Recently, in an interview with Variety, She said that some of the adaptations on the feature’s screenplay ended her leaving direction, “I couldn’t believe I could make a good film in which they were planning. I think it would have been a bad deal, it seemed like it was my fault ”.

Wonder Woman 1984: Warner changed the ending of the film to Patty Jenkins

Jenkins told WTF with the Mark Maron podcast that the story wasn’t too much to work on when I wanted to make films about women, but I didn’t want to make movies about being a woman. it is very tiring. I want to direct films about women doing all kinds of things. At Marvel, he hired me for a film that didn’t need a female director, so I’ll always be grateful to him, even if it didn’t work. ”

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Exceeding all expectations, the feature film starring Gal Gadot has already been collected $ 100 million worldwideEven though it was launched in between Coronavirus And streaming in the United States simultaneously. This release in theaters and Hbo max At the same time, it doubted Patty Jenkins if he would direct the next film in the franchise, But Warner Bros. has already confirmed this. In charge of the third feature of Wonder Woman. Meanwhile, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige believes streaming may be the future of cinema.

Superhero movie sequel With a new struggle of Diana Prince Two great enemies with Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) and Leppard Woman (Kristen Wiig). This feature has been well received by the public and topped the critique. I love movies.

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