The doctor says, ‘Store the mask in a plastic bag when you take it out to eat.’

The doctor says, 'Store the mask in a plastic bag when you take it out to eat.'

Fabric, surgical and disposable masks are essential for protection from coronaviruses. N95 (or PFF2) left the hospital environment and are part of the daily life of the community. “Masks are part of our clothing during 2020 and 2021. Therefore, it would not be unusual for us to open cupboards and have a lot of masks for them,” says Valvaro da Costa, a maskologist. In Hospital Das Clinic,.

However, even today many people do not use the right or are skeptical about the storage and exchange of masks. The infectious doctor stresses that going out for a run or even spending the entire day with the same mask requires attention so that there is no wetting on the face.

“When the mask is wet, it loses its preventive power. It is recommended, when you wear a surgical mask or cloth of clothing, that you change the mask. Then, discard or put it in the laundry. “

The time at which an N95 (or PFF2) mask can be reused is still being studied, because in theory, inside hospitals, it is disposable.

The N95 mask has maximum sealing power. Many people have bought it. It seals the nose and mouth better. It has a slightly better prevention capability than a surgical mask. They are usually disposable masks. I will use it for a period and then I can discard it. I don’t have the ability to enjoy it for a long time. “

However, if the person wants to reuse, then the ideal is that they are stored properly.

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“What we recommend is that you wear this mask for some time and dispose of it. Or during the period you are still using it, you should put this N95 mask in a bag or plastic bag. “

This change of mask or interval in which people will eat and eventually, they will be without, should be enough. “The major problem with wearing a mask is that people take it out and put the mask in their pocket, on the table”.

When the person is urged to sneeze and has a protective mask, the infectious specialist gave a special warning for him. “Never take off your mask when you feel like sneezing, because if someone is nearby it will be a transmission system. Sneeze in the mask, if it gets wet, you go to another place, clean your hand and change the mask, because it is a barrier.

Alvaro da Costa, contagious in the hospital’s Das Clinicas
Photo: Reproduction / CNN

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