The documentary exposes racism in fashion through the confession of one of its big names – Revista Glamor

The documentary exposes racism in fashion through the confession of one of its big names - Revista Glamor

Andrea Leon Talley Cannot launch Pop From my colleagues the trend American, but a career of more than 40 years, shoulder to shoulder with the fashion news show, guaranteed him a confinement at the branch’s Pantyhon.

A fair dose of his statements are in the documentary “Gospel according to Andr”, Which reaches Brazilian audiences this Thursday (06.05) Streaming.

Andre Leon Talley with Anna Wintour at the 1999 Met Gala (Photo: playback / instagram)

the director Kate NovakThe production is much more intimate than one would expect from the owner of a striking voice, both physically and in style.

Colliding with veteran Diana Vreeland, André moved to North Carolina from a poor childhood for his first job with Andy Warhol, before being named from the biggest fashion newspaper in the United States with such iconic names as Karl Karzerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent Paved the way to believe. Between 1975 and 2013, when he officially quit the trend, There was no fashion show, brand, stylist, model or trend that was not captured by her notes.

Andre Leon Tally (Photo: Disclosure / Jonathan Baker)

Andre Leon Tally (Photo: Disclosure / Jonathan Baker)

In the film, he misses fewer episodes than we would be willing to listen to, but the challenges focus in the corridors of publishing and in the weeks of exchanges and fashion led by Ana Wintour.

Apart from his superficial appearance, André also does not hesitate to face the challenges of his journey, for the considerable part of his career, he was the only black journalist at this point on the circuit. “Queen Kong”, a racist and homophobic adaptation of the film’s title dubbed the press officer of YSL at the time, is a perfect example of resistance to diversity, with this description.

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Andre Leon Tally with Eman since 1983 (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Andre Leon Tally with Eman since 1983 (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

In this feature, he also strikes a personal friendship, which he takes in between, stating the bets on cafetons in their definitive form and anticipating friction with the director the trend Which will be evident in the second biography, “The Chiffon Trance”, released in 2020 ($ 64,90 no Amazon) Belongs to.

In the player below, watch the trailer for the documentary. “Gospel According to Andro” arrives today To stage Movies cinema, Where it will run until August.

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