The documentary reflects the culture of North Korea.

The documentary reflects the culture of North Korea.

Some countries in the world are equally impregnable North Korea. Documentary film North Korea – The Dictator’s Brain, Which will be shown this Sunday, 28, at 10:30 pm, in National Geographic, tries to present a glimpse of life in the country and a profile of its leader Kim Jong-un. “North Korea is completely different from other countries,” said filmmaker David Glover. “Only three people ruled there: a grandfather, a father and a son. It is attractive in itself. ”

The program includes some surprise interviews, such as Siti Asiyah, one of the two women accused of killing Jong-un’s stepbrother, Thinking that he was participating in a prank in a plot worthy of a James Bond film, and Kim Dong Chul, an American citizen accused of spying for the CIA. “Any small piece of information is valuable,” said Kate Queen, as much is not known. “The interviews give curious details as to the entry of Xiao Michelo, the Portuguese who was Jong-un’s best friend when he lived in Switzerland. João has already toured North Korea, where he played basketball with Jong-un. Played when they were boys.

Kim Jong-un grew up in a kind of underground bunker, away from people’s eyes. As a teenager, he was sent by his father Kim Jong-il, who ruled North Korea between 1994 and 2001 in Switzerland. There, he fell in love with basketball and spent a relatively normal life with his uncles, who, without warning to the United States, asked the boy to leave. “It helps him understand it a little bit better,” Queenie said.

The documentary does not hide moments of terror by Kim Jong-un, but attempts to understand its origins slightly. For producers, Kim Jong-un finds himself torn between his grandfather and father’s heir, who ruled the country with an iron fist and the reality of Western society. “I think he would really like to make a change and he is divided between these two sides,” Glover explained. No wonder Jong-un’s position is compared to Michael Corleone’s Saint: He wants to modernize the organization, but needs to deal with the reality in which he lives.

The opportunity to meet Donald Trump was seen as a great hope for Jong-un, as a US president in office had never agreed to a meeting with the leader of North Korea – technically, the countries had made peace. The agreement has not been signed. After Korean ended. War. “There is a deep-seated history of hostility with the United States, which is understandable, as North Korea has been the target of heavy bombardment by the American armed forces,” Glover said. The Vietnam summit in 2019 was a chance for both to win on the world stage. But things did not go as expected.

With Trump out of the White House, the possibility of a profitable deal for Kim John-un decreases further. The country suffered from severe floods and Kovid-19s in 2020, but its leader made military stops showing his great bargaining power: nuclear weapons. His sister, Kim Yo-jong, is seen as a possible successor, may or may not lose his power. the future is unwritten. “And uncertainty is dangerous,” Quinn added. Glover remains optimistic. “Shikhar showed that a dialogue is possible.”

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