The dog changes name and will be free: the new football will not only have a new engine, but also a new name, game mode and publishing style

The dog changes name and will be free: the new football will not only have a new engine, but also a new name, game mode and publishing style

Konami has officially announced that Pro Evolution Soccer and the famous PES name are being changed to eFootball, but also that the new release will be free to play.

Source: SmartLife/Konami

this season PES ceases to exist and comes to us e-football For PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC, more game purchases will be made free-to-play model.

Interestingly, the Android and iOS versions, which will be very similar to the game version for the other mentioned systems, and the mobile version will be available during the fall.

For now, there’s no information on whether eFootball will be coming to Nintendo Switch, but at least it’s confirmed that cross-play will be available on all platforms from winter!

However, for players on the mobile version to be able to compete with players on PC and consoles, they must have a Bluetooth or wired controller for their mobile phone, and this is already a safe thing to do for real gamers. , we guess 😉

The Fox engine has been replaced by its own Konami engine, which is built in the Unreal 4 environment, and as of the first announcements, all versions will be practically identical and there will be no differences between games on different systems, as shown in Fig. The case is, for example, Fortnite. Also, PES Mobile will be discontinued at some point or will simply become eFootball (mobile), which Konami also did not want to say anything about.

The game will no longer be based on a paid for gaming model and will receive annual free updates and seasons, which will be available to all. The new eFootball game will be released to play with friendly and exhibition matches, and then it will arrive team building mode, which should be a replacement for the so-called. career mode. Konami also announced that additional DLC would be sold, but also emphasized that the game would be fair and balanced and that players who did not pay for it would not be in a subordinate position.

Motion matching animations are part of the new Unreal 4 Engine system, which will enable Most realistic football ever And this applies to all platforms, even mobile phones.

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We’ll have the opportunity to get to know the new eFootball better at the end of August, probably during the Gamescom 2021 fair, and we look forward to playing during the fall and other options that we explained later during the fall and winter.

How do you feel about PES changes?

PES becomes eFootball video
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