The Educational Mobile App Features That Boost the Learning Process

The Educational Mobile App Features That Boost the Learning Process

Unlike in the past, smartphones are great educational resources that students can use for learning. In the past, teachers and parents tried everything to prevent students from having their phones when reading. They thought it was a great source of distraction for the students.

But every cloud has a silver lining. Maybe, they never thought smartphones would be a great host for different mobile education apps. These education apps have turned cell phones into virtual classrooms. Here are the common educational mobile app features that boost the learning process.


Some of the common features of the edX include lessons with video tutorials, study material handouts and interactive quizzes. If you had a dream of being in one of the top universities globally but failed to get there, you need not worry.

edX has a solution for you, and if you got it on your smartphone, nothing will stop you from achieving your dreams. The tutorials used on this app are of the same quality as those taught in great universities like Harvard. There are about 2000 courses in the top universities, starting with computer science, engineering and linguistics.

Learning takes time as it involves a lot of practice. Most of the students in advanced levels of studies rarely get time to go through their social media pages. College students must also balance their social life to have balanced academic life. The idea of buying assignments online from AssignmentBro is an excellent one for students as they will be left with considerable time to explore various other things. As a student, you simply have to register or sign up to ask for assistance from the site.

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Google Classroom

Google Classroom has some of the best features that boost the learning process. It makes work easier for both teachers and the students. The common features of the Google Classroom include enhanced communication, faster degrading and improved organization. In a typical academic institution, students are often required to submit their assignments before due dates.

But does this process sound simple? This is a complex process that involves a lot of calculations. Without this app or any other related app, everyone founds the process irritating. Google Classroom can be used to send announcements, hold discussions, ask for remarks, and share answers. It’s also used to create classes, submit, and grade assignments.

Khan Academy

The common features of the Khan Academy that helps to streamline the learning process include progress tracking, practice exercises and learning in multiples languages. This app invariably secures the top position for being one of the best education apps for students. Unlike other apps, the mission of this app is to provide free and quality education for all students who are willing to excel in their academics.

This educational app has a unique way of delivering lessons to the students. Lessons are usually in video tutorials, just like a typical lecture. So, the teacher gives a brief overview of the lessons before the start to make you understand the lesson’s objectives. That’s relatively easy, right?


Learning different languages can sometimes take a lot of patience and practice, which is not everybody’s cup of tea. Sometimes the learning techniques aren’t adaptive anymore, and you will lose focus and forget about the practice. With Duolingo, learning language has greatly been simplified.

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The common features of this game include interactive stories, leaderboards competitions, language learning events and forum discussions. Learning usually starts with basic picture labeling games. The more you complete the levels, the more exciting games you are likely to enjoy that improve your vocabulary and grammar skills.


Math is often a puzzling subject for most students. Maybe, they don’t understand that the trick behind knowing math is just practice. But is every practice exciting? Unless you make the learning process interesting, there are concepts that you will get tired and bored with.

Some of the features that make Photomath one of the best apps for study include animated instructions, a scientific calculator, no need for the internet and interactive graphs. There are also handwritten problems and numerous solving methods for different problems. You can quickly learn how to solve math problems with Photomath.


Various smartphone apps have made learning easier than it has ever been. These mobile apps are designed with features that simplify the learning process. That makes it easier for the students to understand. Regardless of the issue you face in your learning process, you can quickly get a mobile platform with great features. You can easily use these apps to revise and learn your favorite courses. Some are free others will need premium subscriptions.

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