The event addresses investing in America

The event addresses investing in America

Florida, in the United States, is a state that has rapidly attracted the attention and wealth of Brazilian entrepreneurs and investors. With the dollar being quoted near R$6, professionals have taken advantage of the national currency crisis to profit overseas. “The regional economy is not just about tourism. There is also room for other economic sectors, such as technology, finance and food”, explains Elisabeth Aldererte, president of the Brazilian Business Group (BBG), a group that has been working for 15 years to unite and strengthen the Brazilian business community. was built a long time ago. South Florida.

To promote a marathon of knowledge for the audience, BBG has organized the first edition of BBG Business Trade Show. Online and fully interactive program will be conducted on 26, 27 and 28 from 8 am to 5 pm.

“The idea is to create a business opportunity portal for Brazilian entrepreneurs and investors around the world. We are going to discuss the main benefits and necessary precautions of investing in USA starting from Florida”, he says.

The program is based on three pillars: business, real estate and financial investments. In total, there will be about 20 lectures. In the business sector, the focus will be on topics such as buying and selling existing businesses; investment in franchises; Internationalization of companies and business development in the United States; Investment and Entrepreneurship Visa, etc.

On the financial side, portfolio diversification strategies will be discussed; banking products; private bonds; real estate fund; Angel Funding & Venture Capital (Angel Investor x Venture Capital), etc.

Among the presenters and speakers are Elizabeth herself; Group Vice President, Leonardo Resende; and other members and guests who have references in their fields, such as executive Luiz Perlingeiro (Westchester Financial Group), an expert in credit risk assessment and asset protection structures, and John Aboetiz (franchise broker), expert in franchise migration strategies.

Interested parties have to register by 25th. After the lecture, everyone registered will be able to schedule meetings and private conversations with the speakers.

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