The events of the new part of BioShock will unfold in Antarctica in the 1960s / News /

The events of the new part of BioShock will unfold in Antarctica in the 1960s / News /

Recently it became known about the fourth game in the BioShock universe called Isolation. According to the latest information, the action of the game will take place in two cities. New details about the separation were shared by journalist Colin Moriarty during Sacred Symbols broadcast on Friday (available to paid Patreon subscribers).

According to Moriarty, BioShock 4 will take place in the fictional Antarctic city of Borealis in the 1960s. The game will tie in with the previous installments of BioShock in story. Cloud Chamber Studio intends to release the game by the end of 2022.

Developers have a great deal of freedom of action and resources to create high-quality and interesting products. The project is kept in high secrecy. Beyond that, BioShock can’t avoid comparisons with the new sci-fi role-playing game by Ken Levine, the lead game designer of the first two parts. Interestingly, Levine’s game will also be published by 2K Games.

Despite Levine’s move to Ghost Story Games, Jonathan Pelling (BioShock 1 designer and BioShock Infinite creative director), Hogi de la Plante (original BioShock designer and programmer), Scott Sinclair (original BioShock art director and BioShock Infinite) and other familiar people . Voting.

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