The exchange closed at 117 thousand points with a slight decline of 0.02%.

During the afternoon, Ibovespa seemed on the way to revising the week’s second high, reaching a test of 118 thousand points; The dollar closed at R $ 5.60.

Chris Fogg / Estadou StuffNegotiations between Zaire Bolsonaro and Vladimir Putin regarding the purchase and manufacture of Sputnik V vaccine in Brazil have improved

With the support provided by Dollar R $ 5.57 at the day’s minimum, though mostly positive in a prudent session Nova York, with and Petroleum Going up, Ibovspa The second high revision of the week seemed to be on the way, going so far to test 118 thousand digits It has not been seen since Tuesday, February 22. This sentiment gained some strength in the middle of the afternoon when talks between the presidents became public. Jair Bolsonaro I Vladimir Putin On the purchase and manufacture of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V No Brazil, At a time when the limited supply and supply of immunizers still limits vaccination in the country. Finally, weak, Ibovespa showed a slight decrease of 0.02%, 117,498.87 pointsWith a turnover of $ 24.9 billion, with a minimum of 117,175.98 and a maximum of 118 212.60. In the week, it increases by 1.95%, with a loss of 0.74% in the month and 1.28% in the year. In return, the US currency closed the day at R $ 5.60.

America America, Adjusting monetary policy and expanded fiscal stimulus continue to fuel appetite for equities, despite housing seen on Wall Street on Tuesday afternoon, with the Dow Jones down 0.29% and the S&P 500 down 0, closing 10% On. “The S&P 500 comprises 95% of companies with a trend above their 200-day moving average. With Treasury yields continuing from the 1.76% high (for a 10-year T-Note yield) set at the end of last month, the Dow Jones and the S&P 500 are set to break new records. “Edward Moya, an analyst with Onda, New York, also noted the moment of oil, which is still” bullish “in his valuation. OPEC + offered a gradual increase in production between May and July last week after oil Amid concerns about demand for oil to correct last season’s deficit, expanding the offer, Thyna said. Vieira, in Economist Toro Investimentos. He said, “In the domestic scenario, Kovid-19 The increase in the number of cases and the restrictive measures imposed by the states continue with due diligence as well as discussions around the 2021 budget due to financial uncertainties ”.

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In this context, the domestic vis-à-vis is skeptical about the most favorable external moment, resulting in special caution about risk segments for the domestic economy, such as the banking sector, most important in Ibovspa’s structure. Which on the negative end of the index in the session recorded a loss of between 1.05% (Santner) and 2.00% (Bradesco ON) this Tuesday. In contrast, Sule Amira increased 4.27%, flurry, 3.90%, CSN, 3.62%, and Usiminas, 3.46%. The day was a negative adjustment for the huge crowd of commodities: after setting a new peak on the previous day, Valley fell by 1.30%, and Petrobras on -0.75%. “With the GDP projection for Brazil rising to 3.7% by the IMF, today we saw demand for stocks that were far behind due to risks to the domestic economy. With the advancement of vaccination in the coming months, these functions should return more in the power sector, consumption, retail and shopping malls. Outside, the US stock exchanges break records on record, and the projected growth for China supports the region’s commodities and stocks, although those associated with the government, such as Petrobras, still feel this weight ”, AF’s convertible The income manager oversees Lindro Saliba. Investment.

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