The family becomes rich for two days after seeing a balance of 250 billion BRL

The family becomes rich for two days after seeing a balance of 250 billion BRL

A family in Baton Rouge, United States, was shocked when checking bank account details: US$50 billion, about US$250 billion, had been mistakenly deposited into the account.

In an interview with the American TV channel Fox 11, realtor Darren James confirmed that the error was noticed by his wife, who was horrified to see the billionaire deposit while consulting his bank account.

Darren explained that he thought the money might have been inherited from a distant family member, but deep down he knew it was impossible and that the money really didn’t belong to them, and “they couldn’t do anything with it.” . “

To undo the mistake, the broker soon contacted Chase Bank and told them what had happened.

“It’s great to see so many zeros in the account. It was really nice to have that feeling,” said the broker.

The money remained in the family’s account for two days until the bank undone the operation.

“He was there on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and he was no longer there,” recalls Darren.

Experts point out that both wrong deposit and wrong reversal are due to ‘systemic error’ by the bank.

Once noticed, the consumer should immediately notify the bank when strange movements occur in the checking account.

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