The film produced in Uberlândia will be shown at the festival in India – Diário de Uberlândia

The film produced in Uberlândia will be shown at the festival in India - Diário de Uberlândia

The film was the biggest winner of the Festival Mix Brasil in November 2020 Photo: Leonardo Feliciano

Produced in Uberlândia, the film “Valentina” was selected for its premiere in Asia at the 51st International Film Festival (IFFI) of India, in the city of Goa. The event runs until 24 January and will be in hybrid format, in person and virtual.

Casio is one of seven international specials for the stream of the film “Competition of Debuting Directors” directed by Pereira dos Santos, and will be shown at a cinema hall in Goa on Thursday (21st). The festival will have special protocols due to Kovid-19, with reduced room busyness and other restrictions due to the epidemic.

IFFI, established in 1952, is one of the most important film festivals on the Asian continent and the largest in India. The event is recognized by the International Federation of Association of Film Producers (FIAPF).

Held annually in Goa, the festival seeks to provide cinemas around the world a common platform to bring excellence in cinematography to the arts, in addition to fostering friendship, cinematographic cultures from different countries in a social and cultural context. Contributes to the understanding and appreciation of. And cooperation between the people of the world.

A movie
The feature tells the story of Valentina, a young trans who steps into the interior of Minas Gerais with her mother, Marcia (Guta Strasser). Fearing studying in a new school, the girl wants more privacy and tries to enroll with her social name. However, the girl and mother face a dilemma when the school demands the enrollment of an absent father (Romulo Braga).

“We created Valentina because there is a high school dropout rate for the trans population. The project was born to give visibility to the issue, generate discussion and change this reality. It was a long way to create the script and discover the cinematic language best suited to Valentina. It took seven years until we reached the final result.

Valentina made her world debut in “Outfit Los Angeles”, where lead actress Thessa Weinbach also received the “Best Performance” award. In addition, the film was screened at the Festival Mix Brasil, where the feature won “Best Interpretation”, “Best Screenplay”, “Best Brazilian Feature” and “Best Brazilian Feature” by the popular jury.

“It’s a very important award for him [Thiessa] And everything that it represents. We saw Valentina touching the hearts of the audience. When a festival film gets the most votes, it shows that it has the ability to touch people. We want our film to hit theaters after the epidemic. The awards at Festival Mix Brasil encouraged and encouraged us even more.


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