The Finn-class Brazilian Sailing Championship is defined in the final race.

The Finn-class Brazilian Sailing Championship is defined in the final race.

Sailor Pedro Trouch won the 60th Brazilian Finn Championship title on Sunday, an event held at the YCSA – Yacht Club Santo Amaro in So Paulo (SP). The athlete from the club Naval Charitas (CNC) of Niteroi (RJ) added one point more than runner-up Mauricio Bueno (YCP). The bronze medal went to Pedro Lodovici (YCI).

Pedro Trouch won the 60th Brazilian Finn Championship title (Photo: Disclosure)

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The competition was defined in the final race at the Guarapiranga Reservoir, with the two top sailors tied for the lead in the table. Pedro Trouche came in second in the final race, leaving Mauricio Bueno in fourth. This was the necessary result to give a professional sailing athlete his first national title in the Finn category.

Finn’s Brazilian had 25 athletes from three states, a record for the heavyweight category in the country. Pedro Trousch’s title breaks the streak of Jorge Zarif, who has dominated the class since the Beijing 2008 Olympic campaign.

– It was a heart race. The first one I didn’t do well and Mauricio Bueno overtook me by one point. In the last, to be the champion, I had to defeat him and have someone among me. I made a perfect first headwind in my opinion, the boat was a machine, I just have to thank you – said Pedro Trouch.

– I had a bit of bad luck in the first race, but I tried to keep my head, got off to a good start, went ahead, tried to defend Mauricio Bueno and now at the end Ricciardo is coming too strong, and that’s it That’s it. , a dream. I am very happy

2022 Brasileiro marked Pedro Trousche’s return to orbit. The last competition for the Charitas sailor in the category was in 2017. During this period, Finn’s youngest sailor in the championship, aged 31, made history in the Star category, even winning the SSL Finals title in the Bahamas, along with George Zarif.

The two final races this Sunday (25) were Barla-Sota – between the buoys – with 4 knots each. The wind was at 10 to 12 knots from the southeast, a true classic day for the Guarapiranga Reservoir. The winner of the first race was Ricardo Santos (YCSA) and the second went to Pedro Lodovici (YCI).

The next edition of the Brazilian Finn Championship will take place in April 2023 at the Iate Clube do Rio de Janeiro (ICRJ). The class unanimously defined that in 2024, the national competition would take place at the Iate Clube de Brasília.

– Mission accomplished, we managed to do eight races with a high technical level, the brawl went to the final stage of the final race, a few meters from the finish line. It was a good championship, people really enjoyed it and let’s move on to the next one. A boat that requires physical preparation, a sailor that weighs more, between ninety and one hundred kilograms, an extremely technical boat, very fast and which always prompts us to be well trained, any Also prepares the physical to be able to sail in the air – said Ricardo Santos, organizer of the event.

Another top tournament in the Sailing Heavyweight category will be Sul-Brasileiro de Finn, which will take place in Ilhabela (SP) from 13 to 16 October. The championship will be concurrent with the Copa Brasil de Vela, which is organized by Cibávela – Confederaço Brasileira de Vela. Some time ago, in July, in Brasilia (DF), the South American Finn occurs. Finn’s Paulista will take place at the YCSA in August.

special gift

Finn’s Brazilian, 2022 champion, Pedro Troche won the boat from runner-up Mauricio Bueno. The athlete from Niteroi (RJ) still had the masts of competitors Cristiano Rushman and Andre Mirsky, who were unable to participate in the championship at the YCSA.

Trausch used his running time and training in the Star class to save material and keep a good average on the table. The hardest day was on Saturday (23), which had three regattas with winds above 30 knots, which were considered very strong.

– I did everything, borrowed a boat from my great friend and birthday boy Mauricio. I love him so much, it was a healthy fight, in the water, we will celebrate together. I also want to thank Andre Mirsky, who lent him the boat, so Mauricio Bueno can release this fin for me – said Pedro Trouche, for the Spring Regatta brawl in Miami this Monday (25th) Left for the United States, accompanied by American captain Jack Jennings.

Mauricio Bueno, runner-up, celebrated the result with his daughters Teresa and Caterina at the Yacht Club Santo Amaro. The 44-year-old lawyer had the title in hand in the last race, but finished fourth and lost the championship by just one point. Despite not winning gold, the experienced sailor from Yacht Club Paulista was delighted to see the strength of the Finn class in Brazil and the triumph of a young fellow.

– The competition was great, I was sailing a little and I was happy with the result, of course I wanted to be the champion, even more so being the last day’s position, but second place is also good. Pedro Troush did a lot today, especially in this last race. The race was good, all the competitors took it seriously till the end, so that’s what matters. My greatest gift was bringing my daughters here with me, watching their father do his best – Mauricio Bueno explained.

Overall first place, Master, Grand Master, Grand Grand Master, Legend, Jumbo (over 110 kg) and Featherweight (under 90 kg) were awarded at the YCSA. The competition broke an all-time record with 25 entries, more than double the annual average of 12.

Fifth overall, Robert Richter (YCP/SP) was the winner in the Grand Master, and the winner in the women’s edition was Paola Prada (YCP/SP). The master went to runner-up Mauricio Bueno. In Grand Grand Master, Arnaldo Kochi Fernandes had the best result among his teammates. The legend stayed with George Rodrigues (ICRJ/RJ).

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