The first match between Porto and Chelsea can be played in Spain

The first match between Porto and Chelsea can be played in Spain


Sequence, Protocol and Fan Test of Events for Tokyo-2010

SAO PAULO, SP (FOLHAPRESS) – A rugby competition in wheelchairs on 3 and 4 (Saturday and Sunday) at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo should mark the resumption of the sequence of test events for the Olympics this year. . 18 of them are scheduled before the start of the mega event, with the opening ceremony on 23 July. According to a website specializing in Olympic coverage inside the Games, there should be water polo tournaments, diving, rugby, swimming and cycling in April; In May, volleyball, artistic swimming, athletics, skateboarding, 3×3 basketball and shooting sports. Most of the events will be organized by the Sports Organizing Committee, with the exception of artistic swimming, water polo, diving and marathons run by the respective international associations. According to Hidemasa Nakamura, one of the directors of the Games, it is possible that these four events have (albeit limited) the presence of athletes and local spectators from other parts of the world. The marathon preparation competition will be held on May 5 at Sapporo (the same venue that will host it at the Games). It will be the only one of 18 held outside Tokyo. According to Nakamura, there will be an athletics test event on 9 May, with only one spectator being responsible for the organizing committee. “During athletics events, we will gather to seek information [futuras] Decision, “he said. All of these events will not only play a significant role in the testing of sports facilities, but primarily the health protocols adopted at the Olympics. The first editions of the rules and guidelines for the delegate and the press were released in February Were. But they must have updates. The organizers recommended reducing physical contact, creating social distance spaces, advising that crowds be avoided, instructing cheers by clapping (screaming), closed. Wear masks at places and wash your hands. 20. In terms of the presence of fans outside of Japan, the first major concrete announcement was made about the restrictions. Ticket sales are the Olympic’s third-largest revenue behind television rights and sponsors. Veto. Has been extended to foreign volunteers, but about .500 may still be released.

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