The first Xbox Easter Egg discovered 20 years later

The first Xbox Easter Egg discovered 20 years later

The console still has at least one big secret hidden since its launch

Hey Xbox The original will be 20 years old in November 2021 and to commemorate it Microsoft, And some people involved in the console’s design, are revealing and revealing some secrets about the device. One of these revelations was given by one of the console’s developers, who Revealed an easter egg that had been hidden for 20 years.

Dev, who could not be identified, contacted the portal Kotaku To reveal how to access the secret, which was actually well placed in the system Xbox. According to him, the Easter egg was actually so well hidden that they “didn’t really expect it to be found, unless the source code leaked or someone reverse-engineered the dashboard”.

Activation and Mystery Famous “< EggsBox >> “, Which is shown A credit screen followed by a username, a CD extraction Audio with that title. However, the process is slightly different: it is necessary to write “Timmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!” With exactly 26 Ys.

Credit: Reproduction / Microsoft

Because of this name, it is possible to understand why no one has discovered it yet, but why do you want to do it today: Portal Kotaku Warns that it is necessary to write only Ys until the entire text field is completed, after which, replace the last letter with an exclamation point.

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But unlike EggsBox, the newly revealed Easter egg does not work immediately. The user should wait for the music CD to be completely removed and then, access the “System Information” folder, which Will display the credits of the developers Xbox dashboard.

“I decided to share it now because 20 years have passed and I thought it would be nice if people knew that it actually exists. I know a lot of sites would have liked to track that kind of thing Are, and not all of the people on that list work for Microsoft anymore. “
– Developer Kotaku asked.

Another detail raised by the report is that at least one more Easter egg is still hidden on the console. This is because in 2017 Seamus Blakely, Known as “father of” Xbox”, Published on its Twitter that a mystery had not yet been revealed. He confirmed that this new mystery was not what he was referring to in the tweet.

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Blakely confirmed fan theories that Easter Eggs has been activated during boot animation Xbox Original, but did not talk about how to activate it. In addition, he confirmed that he received “Timmy …!” Was not known to exist, leaving doubts about the amount of console consoles that fewer people know.

Source: Kotaku, Engadget

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