The Floating House promises to be the most sought after address in Miami – poca Negócios

The Floating House promises to be the most sought after address in Miami – poca Negócios

Arkup, the houseboat that will be available for reservation in Miami, USA from January (Photo: Reproduction/Arkup)

Miami, United States, is known for its mansions and five-star hotels, among other attractions. But soon, the most interesting place to stay in town is likely to be the houseboat, where room service is provided by a valet on a speedboat.

According to bloomberg, These accommodations, developed by the company Arkup, are the latest innovations in beach housing. They can be anchored in a marina or driven into the sea at speeds of about 15 km/h.

The first prototype of its kind, the Arkup75, is valued at $5 million, has four rooms and 404 square meters, and was completed in 2019. In addition, there are others, but only a few. Recently, Miami hospitality company Sextant Stays was commissioned with the goal of transforming a small unit into a new generation of vacation rentals.

Andreas King-Giovannis, Executive Director and Founder of Sextant Stays, said, “We see Arkap not as a real estate product, but as a hospitality product that does much more than just moving to the Maldives and getting an overwater villa. is convenient.”

The new model, called the ArcUp 40, measures 221 square meters and can be configured as a studio or two-bedroom for $500,000 to $900,000, depending on customization.

Sextant Stays plans to have up to 10 Arkup40s in its portfolio, which currently includes vacation rentals in Miami and New Orleans – the company manages approximately 500 properties, all with tech features such as lobby pharmacy kiosks and wine dispensers and key- Cards are enabled. Spirits

The first will be ready in December and will accept bookings from January. Prices should be between $1,200 and $1,600 per night.

According to the company, it is likely to have two bedrooms and one or two bathrooms. The entire structure will have floor-to-ceiling glass walls. The penthouse will look like a private deck, with a hot tub and outdoor kitchen. Guests can order supplies prior to arrival, as they would on a yacht, or once on board – delivery would be handled by a porter in a speedboat.

According to the manufacturer, in adverse weather conditions, the houseboat stabilizes itself, thanks to the retractable pillars that go into the water up to 6 meters deep. King-Giovannis hopes to find space for Archup 40 at Vice City Marina in Miami. And while it’s not clear where the residence will dock during the lease, those who stay there can take a captain to sea before docking. Once the house is closed, he returns to shore, leaving the guests completely isolated.

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