The full moon of Halloween 2020 is going to be something special

The full moon of Halloween 2020 is going to be something special

It’s Halloween and although holiday bread is always special for those who enjoy costumes, tricks or treats, or even just scary movie marathons and other streaming content that the weather provides, this year’s Halloween is a little more than usual Is more special. On Halloween night a rare full moon will appear in the night sky – something that won’t happen again until Halloween 2039 – but other than that, there are many other factors for this full moon that make it really special and perfect.

Generally, a full moon that appears in the United States on Halloween is rare in itself, but tonight’s full moon will be visible almost universally. Accordingly Thriller, Only Australia and New Zealand will miss this full moon in terms of the calendar – it will be the first November for both countries when they see the full moon. Tonight’s full moon (for most people) is also the second full moon of October, called the blue moon although the actual color of the moon is not blue.

But for another reason, the full moon of Halloween is rare. This moon will also have something called micro-moon. This means that it is the full moon that orbits the earth first. This situation makes tonight’s full moon the shortest of the year. A strange full moon is seen almost globally on Halloween which is also the second full moon of October and the micro moon of the year? This is very unusual, which seems strange on the trend of 2020 though with a pretty good look.

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Of course, the moon will not be the only special thing in the sky on Halloween night. The tricks they see while treating or during treatment or other vacations safely thanks to Kovid-19 are treated with some more spectacular cosmic scenes. Mars is close to Earth right now, it will be for another 15 years and as a result it is both wider in the sky and a little brighter than usual – and a little bit red.

Would you be a little stargazing tonight? Are you planning to dress up for Halloween or are you enjoying scary movies and entertainment instead of celebrating in other ways? Tell us about your Halloween vacation plans in the comments!

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