The GoldenEye remaster has been canceled with some bugs disappearing

The GoldenEye remaster has been canceled with some bugs disappearing

We were very close 007 GoldenEye. the same!

Recently, the game will be released for that Xbox 360 Leaked on the Internet and revealed many mysteries about the canceled project, including the fact that there were about 90 bugs left after the quality test.

In an interview with Ars Technica, God Ross Bury I Mark edmunds Where is the project “Was canceled by large examples of Nintendo”. “When it was put up for Nintendo, everyone approved. But they only forgot to check in with the guy who had spoken. I think the answer we got was something like, ‘There is no chance of a Nintendo game going out on a Microsoft console.’ Coupled acquitted.

Classic remaster Nintendo 64 Started between 2006 and 2007 and to the gloom of fans, it was not released. Regarding the recently leaked version, Bury and Edmunds commented that it was not the most recent creation of the remaster, but it was close to the end result.

Since we will never be able to examine the entire project, Watch the gameplay of the leaked version of the 007 GoldenEye remaster.

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