The government fears that the Guides negotiate too much in the CPI of CoD; Understand. Economy

The government fears that the Guides negotiate too much in the CPI of CoD;  Understand.  Economy
Luciano Rocha


The government’s ally and the president of the republic, Sw. Jair Bolsonaro
(Without a party), afraid that the minister Economy
, Paulo Geddes
, Was called to testify CPI
(Parliamentary Committee Inquiry) COVID-19
. This is because the Guides have made several controversial statements, and a shocking new phrase could further upset the government.

Senator Siro Nogueira
(PP-PI), which is part of the governing group that makes up the CPI, told UOL that it does not believe the minister has actually been summoned.

He said, “I see no reason for such bizarre summons. I don’t think it will happen.”

Last Monday, former Health Minister Luiz Heinrich Mandetta was heard at the CPI and strongly criticized the Minister of Economy.

“This minister, he didn’t even know how to look at the calendar [de vacinação] ‘Wow, there is no vaccine in the world …’. I can only regret it. The Minister of Economy, on the contrary, did not help at all. They just called and said ‘I’ve already sent the money, if they see it, now let the economy touch “, he fired.

The economic team is forbidden to discuss the matter, but some of them admitted that Geddes was very uncomfortable with Mandetta’s statements and if he had to testify, he would have to undergo some sort of training.


In recent weeks, Geddes has been shooting controversial phrases that testify against him most of the time.

At a meeting of the Complementary Health Council, Guades stated that “the Chinese invented the virus”, and even they have a less efficient vaccine than that developed by private laboratories in the United States. Ironically, Guedes sought to defend the greater efficiency of private companies in the public sector.

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The case caused diplomatic uneasiness, which meant that other members of the government had to intervene to calm relations with Yang Wanming, China’s ambassador to Brazil.

In an interview with Folha DS Paulo, Senator Ciro Nogueira criticized Goodes’ economic management and his relationship with Congress, particularly in terms of budget approval. Nogueira says that he does not defend the departure of the Guads from the government, but does not rule out the possibility.

“He is not irreparable. If he dies, will the country end? No. No one is irreplaceable,” he said.

At the same meeting, Geddes criticized the Student Financing Fund (FIZ), which, according to him, offered scholarships to private colleges “who did not have the least ability. They did not know to read, write. Extreme others,” They said.

He also said that it was not an epidemic snatching the ability to serve the public sector, but “advancement in medicine” and “right to life”.

“Everyone wants to live 100 years, 120, 130,” he said. According to him, “There is no such investment potential for the state to be capable of increasing medical care.”

This week, the Guides attended a public hearing at the Chamber of Deputies and, despite recognizing some unfortunate statements, they complained that the expressions were left out of context.

“You deputies should respect that, there can be no offense of opinion,” he replied, referring to the speech of “virus manufactured in China”, of which he had already publicly portrayed himself Was tried.

“They are killing reputation, it has become a spiral of hate, everyone destroys everyone’s biography,” the minister said.

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