The groups announce a partnership to offer a new range of gift cards to the fashion retail sector

The groups announce a partnership to offer a new range of gift cards to the fashion retail sector

Brand Partner to Offer a New Range of Products with Gift Card Display – Including Own Brand

Blackhawk Network, a global leader in the distribution of prepaid products, and Grupo Avenida, together with the largest fashion retail chain in the north-central region of the country and one of the 10 largest in Brazil, decided to innovate within the chain’s stores. Displaying gift cards and offering both digital content and your own gift cards to your customers.

The groups announce a partnership to offer a new range of gift cards to the fashion retail sector

With tracking trends, Grupo Avenida seeks to attract new, younger consumers, and feels that a good way to win this audience is by playing with modern game brands and digital streaming (Google, Apple, Spotify, Netflix, PlayStation, Xbox) To join with. ) To enhance the Gift Card Groupo Avenida program with improved performance in its POS.

With an attractive, comprehensive portfolio and superior rates, Blackhawk Network was chosen as the ideal content partner in this effort. In the future, the Grupo Avenida gift card may be offered to other retailers as well.

“This is the new area for Blackhawk Network Brasil, because Grupo Avenida is one of the major fashion retailers in Brazil and also because it is located in cities where many of our main retailers are not present. This is a huge potential benefit. , Because they can capitalize this presence primarily in the inner cities of our country ”, celebrates Bruna Micheletti, Account Manager at Blackhawk Network Brasil.

The groups announce a partnership to offer a new range of gift cards to the fashion retail sector

The Avenida Group has two chains: Lojus Avenida and Giovanna Calcados, a total of 130 units, distributed in 11 states in Brazil.

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“Although 2020 was a difficult year for all, we remain optimistic and focus on bringing news to our customers. Rodrigo Caselli, CEO of Grovo Avenida, commented, the partnership with Blackhawk Network will bring a new class of modernity and products, attracting youth who enjoy technology.

Sobre A Blackhawk Network

Born inside a retailer (Safeway) in California, United States in 2001, Blackhawk Network has become a global leader in the delivery of prepaid products, with the aim of diversifying and expanding the purchasing options for customers and brands. Today, the company has over 360 retailers and more than 1,000 global partner brands in a business, which is 3.5% of GMV on average.[1] Large retailer.

For 9 years in Brazil, the Blackhawk network has partners in 8 of the 10 largest retailers in the country, with presence in more than 6 thousand stores, 150 thousand recharging points and main e-commerce in Brazil, 4.5% Represent GMV. . The company also operates in the incentive, loyalty and engagement markets. Use for more information:

About Grupo Avenida

The history of Grupo Avenida began in 1978, in the city of Kuiba (MT), a distance of 50 meters. Founded by businessman Ailton Caseli, the company is today the largest fashion retail chain in the north-central region and one of the 10 largest companies in Brazil. Avenida Group has two chains, including 110 units of Lojus Avenida in 11 states and 20 units of Giovanna Calcados, which win consumers over the pieces they sell and a pleasant shopping experience in addition to the Avenida card with 2 million customers And up to eight installments. The two chains mark the consumer not only for low-priced products, but also for their concern for the environment in general, as all stores are modern, large and well-located. Today, the group has approximately 2,500 employees distributed through its stores, through its two administrative offices, in São Paulo and Cuiaba, and at the Campo Grande distribution center. More information can be found on the website

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