The HBO Max app sucks – and the company knows it


He comes! HBO Max has heard you (and everyone else) complaining on Twitter about how”The app appears to have been made as if they were mad at you for using it.”, to which he answers the question, “How would it be if app developers hated customers? They know that the service always crashes when you try to speed up 15 seconds or that their algorithmic recommendation is almost non-existent. He heard you What else is there to know? You’re hurting HBO Max’s feelings, right?

in an interview with Vulture An unnamed senior executive at Warner Media said it was “very painful” to admit all the jokes were made with the internet platform.

It almost makes you feel guilty for hating an app that, despite having the best content, has so many serious design flaws that it can hardly be used. “We are all aware of the bug”, the executive said. “We are not blind”.

According to HBO insiders, who agreed to speak only on condition of anonymity, the flaws are due to the fact that the HBO Max app is built on top of remnants of the HBO Go and HBO Now apps (which were already bad). had gone. .

While competitors like Netflix and Hulu developed from scratch, HBO already built apps to pass game of Thrones. In this context, UX issues were ignored by engineers so that the app could face the hundreds of thousands of people who visited Dragon on Sunday nights.

But who cares what went wrong in the past? The app is a mess today. What will they do next?

According to an unnamed executive who spoke with Vulture, HBO is working on a major update to the app. “We’ll be updating all TV-related apps in the next four or five months,” he promised. The changes should come first for Roku and PlayStation. Apple TV customers will have to wait till the end of the year, while the rest of the customers will get to see the update only in 2022.

HBO Max has one of the best streaming catalogues. Not surprisingly, their estimated operating income is $2.3 billion. But none of this justifies waiting another five months to get a good update.

It’s really sad that a bad app is driving people away from one of the best streaming catalogs out there today. Unlike the slow app, HBO engineers have to be quick to make improvements — or they risk losing customers.

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