The Joker director’s next DC project could be another iconic villain

The Joker director’s next DC project could be another iconic villain

todd phillips became a household name among comic book movie fans thanks to his groundbreaking work in clown The introspective look of the 2019 film and a unique look at the deadliest adversary batman Helped to clarify what makes a villain and it’s not always a specific moment or event that makes him up. Sometimes these are external conditions, such as poor living or working environment, and sometimes they can be inherited traits, such as mental illness. As Phillips has successfully shown a new side of villainy, rumor has it that he may now A consultant for future DC projects Feather Warner Bros., If true, there is one villain that would be perfect for your brand of single villain movies – Lex Luthor,

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In the comics, Lex’s arch enemy is super man for decades. While he may not have superpowers of his own, his immense intelligence has helped make him one of the deadliest enemies the Man of Steel has ever known. But unlike Metallo or Gen Zod, Lex’s motivations stem from fear. But not so much the fear of defeat as the fear of being inferior to a creature like Superman. Because of his unusual inspirations, Phillips, whether as a director or producer, will have a lot to work with and dissect to bring Lex to life.

One of the biggest reasons for Lex’s high chances of success is the social stigma of real-life billionaires. In the past, these were the people who made major purchases at large social theaters and sold their companies with little or no known intervention. However, in recent years, the world has seen billionaires become presidents and many companies have started merging and merging them into one. These unique moments stoked a flame of disbelief among citizens and some of Lex’s greatest moments were revisited in real life. Perhaps the most obvious of these was when Lex became President of the United States. by playing on these parallels, as well clown Played in classism, spectators can likewise engage.

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Another fun aspect that will benefit the Lex Solo film is understanding why he is known as a villain to many, even though his public image has been mostly benevolent. At its core, Lex’s evil ways are aimed at people like Superman and anyone like him. The villain has always assumed that humanity can and should be inspired, rather than requiring another visitor to do so. The competition Lex puts himself in could be the perfect focal point for a movie as he begins to feel inferior to Superman. And this constant competition to prove himself with him will eventually lead to murderous intent.

Lex is a special kind of enemy because he will vent his displeasure to save Earth when needed. But that’s because he wants to show humanity that an ordinary man can do what Superman can do. In a movie setting, this may initially force the audience to develop your slowness, as your intentions may have been good at first. But as the runtime continued, that support would quickly fade, as all the promises made in it would be ruined and it would become more and more villainous.

Very similar clownOf course, Lex Luthor is a constant center of complexity and the perfect character to see how he could have started out as a well-meaning genius and then developed into someone more dangerous. Of course, this would be a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions. But with the help of Todd Phillips, the story will still be rooted in reality and emotionally engage with audiences in unexpected ways.

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