The Khal actress escapes on the run and hits the web with the post

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Katherine Prescott, known for skins, moved netizens with a new post on social media. She had recently survived a hit-and-run.

In 2021, Katherine Prescott was hit by a cement truck in New York. Due to immediate hospitalization, she was at risk of becoming paralyzed.

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In her new Instagram post, the Skins actress thanked doctors, friends and family for all their efforts during her plight. But something else was even different: a stone that appears in the image of the revelation.

Katherine Prescott wrote that she had received this stone from an unknown woman before her first surgery. The unnamed woman said it was a “lucky stone” that would help her during her surgery.

With confidence, the Skins actress stuck to stone, which helped her reassurance. Fortunately, nothing bad happened to the star.

Check out Katherine Prescott’s Instagram post below.

UK Star

British actress Katherine Prescott is 30 years old. In Skins, she played Emily Fitch.

The actress also appeared in Together Forever, The Minimum to Live and The Sun. His career took a brief break due to hit-and-runs in New York.

The Skins series also starred Nicholas Hoult, Jack O’Connell and Hannah Murray. Several actors have found great success in film and TV after their appearance in the series.

In Brazil, Skins is in the Netflix catalog.

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