‘The Legend of Cora’ will hit Netflix in more territories in December 2020

'The Legend of Cora' will hit Netflix in more territories in December 2020

Legend Run – Image: Nickelodeon

In August 2020, Netflix US captured all seasons Legend of Korra But Netflix did not reach other areas. Now, several months later, the series will hit Netflix on December 15 in most international territories.

If you don’t know Legend of Korra This is the next most successful TV series Avatar: The Last Air Master (Now available in most Netflix regions around the world). It was first relayed on Nickelodeon between 2012 and 2014.

When the August 2020 release date was announced, it caused a lot of confusion with many disappointed fans around the world.

This is partly due to the fact that it was announced on Netflix’s next WhatsApp Twitter account (renamed the Netflix series in the original release of this article). This account is set up to deliver messages and is typically the primary way in which Netflix advertises original sources. However, it also shares news about content unique to the United States Legend of Korra news.

NXonNetflix, which often tweets about global topics, shares the following Notice included It is only in the United States. However, at that time, the media did not stop sharing no warning.

Other regions, including Netflix UK, CA, AU and other listings, August 2020 listing Netflix holland not to mention Legend of Korra.

Inside the case Avatar: The Last Air Master, US Netflix was one of the last countries to broadcast it and had to wait until the license rights became available, which we suspect may be the same here. Unfortunately, it is difficult (impossible) to determine the actual date for this.

Legend of Korra Netflix will reach more areas in December 2020

We also found that many fields are determined to achieve Legend of Korra Especially on 15 December.

In the UK, four seasons are exclusively available on Amazon Prime Video, with all four seasons added on 15 December.

Netflix announced that the Philippines would host four seasons on December 15 Most latin america.

In Canada, there are no streaming options other than premium video on demand services. Australians can watch the series with season four, Amazon Prime does one season. Netflix Canada has aired all four seasons so far Removed in 2017.

Another good news for fans of the show, not just Netflix working on a live-action series Avatar: The Last Air MasterThe studio behind him works with exclusive Netflix titles as part of the new deal.

For other countries, we recommend using such a service Just look You can easily tell where the show is.

Are you sad Legend of Korra Will Netflix not arrive worldwide on Friday? Let us know in the comments below.

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