“The long bow unites people and advances the MS economy”, says Paulo Corsa

"The long bow unites people and advances the MS economy", says Paulo Corsa

State Deputy Paulo Correia (PSDB) – (Photo: Disclosure)

State deputy Paulo Corsa (PSDB), author of State Law 2,630, said, “It’s really a South Mato Grosso sport, it’s getting stronger every day and it needs our support, because it’s part of our culture and our tradition.” is.” Long-loop tournament in a regional sport.

The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Mato Grosso do Sul (ALEMS) attended the Laco meeting of the Retiro do Caracol during the celebrations of the 57th anniversary of the municipality at the end of last week and celebrated the restoration of the loop circuit after two years. Paused due to pandemic.

“The long loop tournaments sympathize with the population of Mato Grosso do Sul, they unite people, families and boost the economy of many municipalities”, he summarized. Club de laco Unión de Terranos representative, Rodrigo Oliveira, highlighted the universe of professionals who make their living from competitions and thanked Paulo Correia for his support.

“The Federation of Laco Clubs of Mato Grosso do Sul is proud to be present in 33 municipalities in the state, directly and indirectly bringing jobs to the municipality from hotel chains, gas stations, supermarkets, lace clubs, judges, announcers Stallholders, livestock management personnel, and we are grateful to the state deputy Paulo Corsa, who was the custodian of the bill that turned the long bow tie into a regional sport”, he said.

Recognizing the importance of the full range involved, Paulo Correa made himself available to the Laco Comprido Federation and 33 Les Clubs to expand activities to promote the Games. “It is very important that we support the sport, the athletes and give all the support necessary for the competitions, now with full force”, he said.

“After two years without a championship, because we were forced to stop for a very serious public health problem, we are returning at full speed. This is a beautiful season to remain in the history of Mato Grosso do Sul. May be. Trust our mandate for whatever is required”, he added.

Rodeo Is Also An Official MS Sport

The list of official sports in Mato Grosso do Sul includes traditional and varsity rodeos, recognized programs for integrating families, providing leisure and healthy competition among athletes, as proposed by Paulo Corsa.

In Corrêa’s opinion, certification of modality as an official sport under state law gives well-deserved recognition to practitioners and encourages tourism to the places where the events take place.

“Events that include traditional rodeos and university rodeos in our state have the power to encourage healthy competition among a large number of athletes both locally and from other parts of the country, so they should be encouraged”, he justified. ordained. Corra, still in 2014, when he presented the project to the Legislative Assembly.

Following the sanction, the sport grew and Mato Grosso do Sul became an international reference in modality, with the authority of a rider from Mato Grosso do Sul winning the rodeo world title and millionaire award in the United States.

Jose Vitor LeMay is a native of Ribas do Rio Pardo from Las Vegas and a two-time World Champion of Professional Bull Riders. He won his second gold buckle in a record-breaking season, in November 2021, introducing the young cowboy to the role of great world riding athletes.

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“I can’t put into words what I’m feeling right now, it’s all awesome. I want to thank God for all this. I’m so happy to have my name in the history of PBR, That’s what we cowboys are here for”, he said, thrilled to return to North American soil with trophy in hand.

“Jose Victor Lemay performs Rio Pardo for the world from Ribas, and deserves the highest score in the history of the competition. Congrats to the glory of Mato Grosso do Sul, two-time world champion”, congratulated Corsa.

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