The Los Angeles pilot finally manages to film the mysterious man who flies with a jetpack

Un piloto de Los Ángeles finalmente logra filmar al misterioso hombre que vuela con una mochila propulsora

The scene shows a man flying in the water with a jetpack off the California coast.

The mysterious flying man, seen multiple times in the sky of Los Angeles, was eventually caught on video flying about 900 meters above the city of Palos Verdes near Catalina Island (California) with a ‘jetpack’ or propellant backpack . , Local media report.

The unknown Aronaut has been seen at least twice in August and October of this year, but now has a video, posted on the Sling Pilot Academy Aviation School’s Instagram account.

A recording made on Monday by one of the school’s flight instructors shows a man flying over water on the California coast. Although this figure looks like a person with some kind of jetpack, Sling Pilot Academy stated that I wasn’t 100% sure It was a truly mysterious flying man.

“The video featured a ‘jetpack’, but it could also be a drone or some other item,” the school admitted. “If this is ‘a man in a jet pack’, it should be seen if this is a legal test flight (the thrusters are real, Los Angeles has a manufacturer) or is related to its being watched [hombre con un] ‘Jetpack’ near Los Angeles Airport, which recently caused air traffic disruption. “

Local police, FBI and US Federal Aviation Administration launched investigation It flew 915 meters at Los Angeles International Airport in August after locating the suspected passenger with a jetpack in early August. Two different airline crew reported sightings, but there were no videos at the time.

In October, the crew of China Airlines They reported The presence of “what appears to be a person carrying a jetpack” moves through the air Approximately 1,830 meters high and 11 kilometers From California city airport.

  • A jetpack uses a jet engine that allows the wearer to climb in the air. It is estimated that the device, which is usually carried on the back, can fly to a height of about 1,000 meters.
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