The Lyrid meteor shower peaked this morning; know how to observe

The Lyrid meteor shower peaked this morning;  know how to observe

Posted on 04/22/2022 15:26 / updated on 04/22/2022 16:05

The National Observatory gave tips not to miss the meteor shower – (Credit: AFP / Ye Aung Thu)

Between the night of this Friday (22/4) and the morning of this Saturday (23/4), Brazilians will be able to see, with the naked eye, the peak of the rain Meteor According to Geet National Observatory, the show can be watched in full on Saturday morning at 1 am. North and Northeast regions will have a privileged view.

Despite this, the observatory says that all Brazilians will have a chance to witness the event. This is because Earth, in late April, passes through a region in space where Comet Thatcher left debris, creating a rapid wave of meteors in the constellation of Lyra.

Call of the Lyrid Meteor Shower, a demonstration It is the oldest recognized by historians: it has been observed for at least 2,700 years and the first recorded was made by the Chinese in 687 BC.

Want to see a meteor shower? observatory teaches how

For those who always try to see a space event And fails, the observatory says the secret is to follow a few basic requirements. The most important of them is to be in a poorly lit place, that is, without so many lampposts and other forms of lighting. A rural area away from the city would be ideal.

At this place it is necessary to face the north direction. If you’re in doubt about which direction is north, the observatory has a tip: point your right arm toward the sun’s rise, east, and your left where it sets, west. Thus, your head and chest will be directed towards where it will rain.

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Check out the meteor shower simulation created by

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