The manual worker lives the modern fairy tale in India

The manual worker lives the modern fairy tale in India

Without a cell phone or social media, a handyman from the city of Calicut, India, had his life changed when he was discovered by a wedding photographer. Now a model, Mammika, who is into odd jobs, is rehearsing for a menswear campaign.

Thanks to Sharik Vayil, the man behind the lens, the aging model has traded her shabby clothes and bulky bags for stylish blazers and trendy outfits. For WION magazine, the photographer, who also owns a wedding clothing rental store, says it’s common to ask acquaintances and family to attend her rehearsals.

“I ask if they want to attend rehearsals or are they thinking about being a photographic model and they do. Me and Mammika are related”, he explains. Photo shoot in a day, in a park in and in a large vehicle garage of Calicut.

Now Mammika does many “strange jobs”, working with advertising agencies to earn daily for her. Despite his success as a model, the Indian says he doesn’t think about fully embarking on his new career. According to “Indian Express”, the model is looking to work part-time with her old job.

On the network, many said that, in addition to a modeling career, Mammika might try to launch herself as an actor. “After watching the video, people from far and wide including abroad approached me and congratulated me. The clip went viral beyond my expectations,” says Vayil.

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