The mayor of London says he wants GPs on the capital’s streets “as soon as possible”. formula 1

The mayor of London says he wants GPs on the capital's streets "as soon as possible".  formula 1

The idea of ​​having GPs on the streets of London is not new. In fact, it is being broadcast from a time when Bernie Ecclestone was still almighty in F1, now gaining and now losing steam. However, in an interview with the “Evening Standard”, the mayor of the UK capital, Sadiq Khan, expressed his desire to bring the test to the city’s streets as soon as possible.

– We have been talking to F1 and they have been very receptive. The reality is that the current world champion is British. Lewis Hamilton is a matter of pride for the country and the sport, and with London and Silverstone on the calendar it would be great to have a GP in the capital. I think next year will be very soon, but I’m really impressed with F1’s work and I’m ready to bring (the London race) as soon as possible – explains Meyer

Fernando Alonso pilots McLaren in London in 2017 – Photo: Getty Images

Also in 2012, Bernie Ecclestone stated that he would be willing to invest £35 million (approximately R$247 million) to complete the race. The excitement was so high that the manager argued, and assured that hosting a F1 stage would be “much better” for London than hosting the Olympic Games held soon after the same year.

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