The Ministry of Internal Affairs will add the identifier of the fraudsters to its application – service

The Ministry of Internal Affairs will add the identifier of the fraudsters to its application - service

For the service to work, the application needs access to the contact list, and in the event of a leak, the data may be freely available, experts say.

  • On 4 February, the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced a tender for the modification of the mobile application for 63 million rubles. The contractor must integrate anti-fraud modules into the application, Writes “Kommersant” with a link to the government procurement site.
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs Launched Own application in 2014 – This allows you to find out where the closest members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are, get data on wanted criminals and call the police immediately.
  • The application will require access to the user’s phone book, it follows from the tender documents. When calling from an unknown number, the mobile application will compare it to the list of fraudulent law enforcement numbers. If the numbers match, a warning will appear on the screen that scammers are calling. The user will also be able to create a “white” list of trusted numbers.
  • “The initiative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will reduce the amount of fraud,” said Daniel Chernyov, director of Rostelecom-Solar’s Solar Appensor Center. But if the app only detects incoming fraud calls, it does not need to access contacts.
  • Alexei Drozd, head of the information security department at Cercheform, pointed out that the Ministry of Internal Affairs application would have functions similar to the Who Call and Get Contact services – with their help, the user can find out how he or she is signed. Contact with other people. But in fact, services collect databases of phone numbers.
  • In his opinion, data leaks could be an initiative, as they would be processed on third-party servers. And this is enough to integrate the application with fraudulent contact databases – they are collected, for example, by banks and telecom operators. Drozd also believes that a form can be added to the application for an independent complaint about the scammer.
  • Yandex has its own caller ID – service Added Similar services are available in its application in May 2019. Google And “Kaspersky Labs“. In December 2020, a free caller ID for their ecosystem customers Launched Tinkoff.

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