The MLB show 21 is excellent, but it keeps away those who don’t know the game

Imagem de: MLB The Show 21 é excelente, mas afasta quem não conhece o esporte

With over 500 million fans worldwide, baseball is one of the most practiced sports on the planet. Very widespread in Asia, the Caribbean, and North America, he also has his captive chair in Latin America, being widely adopted by the Orientals in Brazil.

In the United States, baseball is the fourth most watched sport by lovers in the country. In video games, its history is old and has been lost. Franchise Mlb show Appeared in 2006 and since then, it exists in everlasting glory Sony.

developed by San Diego StudioThe title is considered the pinnacle of baseball in electronic sports. Always very sophisticated and one step ahead of the competition, the new version broke through the barriers and even reached Xbox game pass, Something unimaginable a few years ago.

PlayStation 5 will not be excluded from the party and won a version this April. But is it worth investing your rich money in 60 fps, 4k and HDR version? We had the opportunity to play the game and we will tell you everything in the next few lines.

Play ball

If you are interested in baseball, but are not familiar with the game, here is your first and biggest challenge. Like all games of the genre, Mlb show 21 It is not simple and uninvited for those who want to know the game.

It would be very easy for me to come here and write good words, write pitches features, such as 4-seam fastballs, or talk about sinkers or cutters. For many people speaking the Greek language would be tantric.

And the notion that a new player, who wants to know the game, will be ahead of him. When we talk about a person unknown to many people, the first thing we do is teach and read easily.

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And the game is not like that. It is complex and challenging for those who do not know the game, its screen is full of information and figures. Now, for those who are used to sports, it is a real pleasure.

But I emphasize again, this franchise is not typical of The Show. Baseball is complicated for unfamiliar people. However, I guarantee you that if you really know him, you will fall in love.

It has strategy, emotions, and intense challenges, which will make it fun to take lovers to the top. The learning curve is long, but satisfaction will be immense. Therefore, before going to the game, I recommend watching some sports on TV. It is important to understand the rules well so that you can enjoy the title as much as possible.


A pity that the graphics do not comply with all the other requirements of the game. Even though it is on the PS5, it seems that art is always out there in game play. Dolls are not well made, they are very simple and do not add much to the fun.

The positive side is that optimization greatly increases, greatly helping in the performance of the game. Having fun at 60 fps and enjoying the full speed of the SSD reduces the situation a bit.

It is worth noting that shadows and light have little effect and, if they had received more affection, they could have increased the immersion of the game further. To give you an idea, climate change has little effect. Playing with rimjhim showers illustrates the difficulty of applying an art as to what the title is.

Heaps of fun

The game has several game modes. The flagship is still Road to the Show, where you control a player towards success. Unlike the previous series, right after being selected in the draft, you enter Double A, which can be considered a weak division of the MLB.

For this year, there is a very quiet possibility to play in two positions at the same time: as a hitter and pitcher. You incarnate the famous two-way player, which is rare nowadays. In this way, you can become a legend in the game without having to create separate campaigns in the game.

Another addition, for PS5 it is likely to follow a narrative of its career, in particular, with views and performances by journalists covering the league daily in the United States. This factor brings great immersion in the story.

Mlb show 21 It offers other forms of entertainment, such as controlling a franchise, online brawls, challenge modes, and the Diamond Dynasty, reminiscent of FIFA’s final team. To top it all off, there is the Home Run Derby to have fun with friends and also online.

Sophisticated mechanics

What I always gained in the franchise was how to incorporate fun with simulation. Thanks to the presence of DualDison and 60 FPS. Mlb show 21 Won a splendid and magnificent tune.

The controls are very sensitive and play greatly helps to increase immersion even more. It is priceless to hear your coach running or trying to steal a position on the field with a joystick.

This year we have the appearance of new throwing mechanics. For those who have played the game of golf, you will feel comfortable with it. It will be necessary to use the correct analogue stick to make the shots correctly. The system is simple and can be implemented even more in the next games, as what baseball lacks are ways to send the ball to a hitter.

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The icing on the cake

Mlb show 21 Brings a way to build a stadium. It is very quiet and simple to use, allowing you to practically change all aspects of the area as well as the surroundings. You can also choose the size of the trees outside the stadium.

This addition will create game modes in which you can team up and be more fun, customize the personality and identity of your style. Maybe you can recreate the Montreal Expos.

Worth it?

Mlb show 21 It is a mandatory sport for anyone who is a baseball fan. It has not been discussed. If you want to know the game and have plenty of time for it, the game is also a full plate, but be patient. Now, if you are unfamiliar with the game, unfortunately it will take you away, because it will win you over.

MLB The Show 21 was provided by Sony to perform this review.

Grade: 89

“Put on your hat, bring your bat and go to kill”

The strength

  • Sophisticated mechanics
  • Many game modes
  • Perfect Baseball Simulator

Negative Points:

  • Cancel invitation
  • Poor graphics

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