The Movie” breaks box office records in 2021

The Movie" breaks box office records in 2021

The Korean group’s fifth-anniversary film grossed $4.8 million

On this Tuesday (17) it was announced that “Blackpink: The Movie” Recorded the highest-grossing event film of 2021, with gross revenue of $4.8 million (approximately 25 million reais) in a region limited to less than 100 countries. The information is from producers CJ4DPLEX and Trafalgar Releasing, the company responsible for the distribution of films and documentaries. bts I dark pink.

The film is a celebration of the five-year anniversary of the Korean group singers. jennyhandjob Lisahandjob Rose I Jisoo.

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Impact after Blackpink’s film record

According to the information received from the portal music week, BLACKPINK’s film reached an extraordinary milestone, being watched by 500,000 people worldwide. Also according to the website, the film debuted in the United States, on August 4, peaking at number six at the country’s biggest box office. In Mexico, the feature film reached first place with over 120,000 views.

record of “Blackpink: The Movie” Something that differs from traditional because of its format. Film is included in the “event cinema” type, or alternative content cinema, which is based on the use of movie theaters to show live or recorded entertainment, such as concerts, ballets, sports, operas, etc.

As of now, other release dates are expected across Asia as local restrictions are lifted.

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