The NBA investigated racism against Lynn, who says he was called a “coronavirus”

The NBA investigated racism against Lynn, who says he was called a "coronavirus"

The NBA will investigate reports of racism by Taiwanese-American player Jeremy Lin, who reported an increase in prejudiced crimes against athletes of Asian descent, saying that he was called a “coronavirus” in court on one occasion. He currently defends the Santa Cruz Warriors, a team tied to Golden State and that disputes the basketball development league G-League of the United States. In an outrage, Lynn went on social media to report that she was a victim of racism, without specifying when the episode occurred and who committed the crime, and reported being exhausted on the victim side in the United States.

“Something is changing in this generation of Asian Americans. We are tired of hearing that we do not experience racism, we are tired of hearing that we should keep our heads down and not cause problems. We Asian Americans Tired of seeing children grow up. And being asked where they are from. They really are, ridiculing our eyes, being objectified as foreign or hearing that we are inherently ugly.

“Being an Asian American doesn’t mean that we don’t live in poverty and racism. As a nine-year NBA veteran, I don’t avoid being called a ‘coronavirus’ in court. To limit our psyche and what we think That it is. We can be. We are tired of being invisible “, he said.

Born in Los Angeles, the ship’s owner graduated from Harvard and, since that time, has been suffering from racist insults. In 2017, he had already stated that he was a target of prejudice when he was in the NBA. His derogatory words echoed and Lynn returned to social media to say that he would not condemn anyone who called him ‘coronarius’.

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“I know it will disappoint some of you, but I won’t name or shame anyone. What does it mean to be demolished? It doesn’t make my community safe or solve any of our structural problems with racism Does not, ”he said. Player.

“Combating ignorance with ignorance will get us nowhere. Sharing another group of people with stereotypes is not the way to share our own pain. Listen to the voices that teach us how to be racist with everyone. Others. Listen to the stories. Expand your perspective, stop comparing experiences. I believe this generation can be different “, said the owner.

The playmaker’s previous season in the NBA was in 2018/2019, when he was the champion with the Toronto Raptors. Lynn also played for the Atlanta Hawks, Brooklyn Nets, Charlotte Hornets, Los Angeles Clippers, Houston Rockets, New York Knucks and Golden State Warriors. His best time in the NBA was for the Knicks, when he helped the team reach the playoffs in 2012. “Linsonity” took over the United States and was listed as one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine.

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