The NC Museum of Natural Sciences is the world’s first complete T.I.

The NC Museum of Natural Sciences is the world's first complete T.I.

– North Carolina Mr. Muse Zim Natural Natural Sciences announced on Tuesday its first-of-its-kind exhibition rally that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

The museum is in the possession of a young survivor – a very rare find Tyrannosaurus rex And a Triceratops They were buried together in Hales Creek, Montana.

Two dinosaurs may have caused their deaths.

Lindsay Zeno, the museum’s archaeologist, said: “It’s a murder secret for the scientific team to be naked.

The fossils were unearthed about 10 years ago, but are estimated to be about 67 million years old. Zeno and the museum joined about five years ago when their team first saw the specimens in a warehouse on Long Island, where they were auctioned off but not sold.

Zeno said this is the first time in known history that A.J. T. Rex 100% recovered. The Triceratops, Too, is almost entirely in its full form, and both specimens have skin effects from dinosaurs.

“These samples are valuable,” he said. “Every bone is in its natural state as if the animal had died.”

In the fall of 2022, life-size organic exhibits will be on display as part of the museum’s permanent collection. Even after the exhibition begins, scientists will continue to study for years to come what could have happened to dinosaurs that day.

“Fifty or 100 years from now, people will be able to come back and learn more from what we have revealed through modern technologies,” said Roy Campbell, director of the current exhibition and museum of digital media.

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According to Campbell, one of the main aims of the exhibition is to inspire future scientists by explaining technologies and how they can be used to learn more about dinosaurs.

“It’s a hot story,” Campbell said. “When people look at these specimens in 2022, it’s just the beginning. The beginnings of science are in this museum as we begin to unravel and decipher the story of these creatures. It’s in the years to come. Will always change. “

The new exhibition, when it opens in two years, will be called SECU Dinolab and is sponsored by the State Employees Credit Union Foundation.

Campbell said the wait will be good because the museum prepares dinosaurs for public viewing.

“They are heavy, especially Triceratops“Because he was young when he died,” Campbell said. T. Rex Small, but Campbell said in his entirety: “She is more beautiful than any other exhibition she has ever seen.

“There’s a lot of excitement in the museum,” he said. “But the real payoff is when we see ordinary people coming, because it’s their museum. When we have to share treasures, that’s the most interesting part.”

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