The new need for speed teasers is driving fans crazy

The new need for speed teasers is driving fans crazy

A new one The need for agility The teaser has excited the fans and driven them crazy with speculation. On Twitter, the series ‘official Twitter account’ is clearly provoking something, but fans are divided over exactly what is going on. The most common theory is that the teats are pointing to a remaster Speed ​​required: hot pursuit, Which we know exists in some capacity due to many leaks. Judging by the leaks, this theory seems most likely. However, others think that Titus is leaving a remaster Need for Speed: Most Required. Meanwhile, others think they have something to do with the latest game, Need for speed: heat, Or EA’s upcoming next-gen The need for agility The game announced it back in June.

Unfortunately, The need for agility The Twitter account – and neither EA – has provided any explanation or clarification as to whether or not it is being breached, indicating that it is true that it is genuinely interested. “If there is an explanation or comment on the situation, we will make sure to update the story with what is given,” he said.

Below, you can watch the teaser for yourself:

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