The “new” Sonic 3 will not have its original score due to a dispute with Michael Jackson.

The "new" Sonic 3 will not have its original score due to a dispute with Michael Jackson.

A dispute with Michael Jackson will not result in a “new” Sonic 3 original score (Photo: Reuters/Kim Kyung-hoon)

  • The game would be re-released in the Sonic the Hedgehog series;

  • Michael Jackson may have participated in the original score without credit;

  • The soundtrack will be replaced with a music track from the prototype version of the game.

Unlike the first two matches of mega drive sonic the hedgehog which was re-released in its entirety, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles shouldn’t have followed suit.

The last time it was re-released for Steam was in 2011, so its inclusion in Sonic Origins is a big deal, but it comes with a big caveat. Unlike the other games on the compilation, it will not feature its original soundtrack. It doesn’t look like all the music is being replaced, but some tracks will be missing. That said, your replacements won’t be brand new creations.

Instead, the game will now feature music tracks from a prototype version, which was recreated by Sonic series composer Jun Senoue, who debuted with Sonic the Hedgehog 3.

Social media manager Katie Krzanowski confirmed these details in response to fans’ questions about the song. The executive also said that the goal is for the music to be as faithful as possible, to the point of using a sound chip similar to the Mega Drive.

Twitter user Stealth (who also contributed to Sonic Origins), one of Sonic Mania’s developers, offered further clarification, saying that some fans would recognize the song from the 1997 PC port of Sonic 3 and Noo.

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The “new” tracks will sound familiar to anyone who played the 1997 S&K collection on PC, but their story goes deeper than that. Recently, a prototype of Sonic 3 has surfaced which proves that these were indeed original and intended songs,” he explained.

Why this is happening is due to some legal issues surrounding the Sonic 3 and Knuckles soundtracks, which also prevented a modern re-release.

Popstar Michael Jackson is believed to have contributed music to the game and is not credited. Recently, keyboardist and Jackson collaborator Brad Buckley confirmed this in an interview with the Abbey Road Institute, although Sega has regularly denied this.

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