The next Chrome update is about to break half the internet

The next Chrome update is about to break half the internet

The king of internet browsers is about to hit version 100. An odd number to do all together, but there is a good reason, and in the short term a very bad one. Chrome, Firefox and Edge are coming break most websites as we know them, Although everything is going in the right direction.

The next browser update changes a lot about the way we view and interact with the web, and There will be no choice but to catch. Or at least they do it to at least problem for the users.

reason? version 100. change in In major browsers and expected in the next few weeks, this could cause bugs or compatibility issues on some websites that are not set up to read three-digit user agent strings.

However, there is not much to fear. The three main companies behind the big browsers, Google, Mozilla and Microsoft, They are already working to get ahead of any major issues.

A Version Change In Chrome, Edge And Firefox That Will Affect The Entire Web

There is already an updated list of problems that have been found with the initial versions of the new browsers. It’s pretty small at the moment, but it’s really limited to a small sample of what the web is all about. Some big-name websites like HBO, Bethesda, and Yahoo are affected, but as long as they’re public versions, The list can grow fast,

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