‘The Office’ was the most watched series of serials in 2020 – GQ

'The Office' was the most watched series of serials in 2020 - GQ

The sitcom “The Office” was the most-watched series on streaming platforms in the United States in 2020. According to global information company Nielsen, the sitcom saw more than 57 billion minutes.

In US streaming, “The Office” was the most watched series of 2020 (Photo: Disclosure)

All of the top 10 on the most watched list belong to Netflix. In second place is the medical series “Grey’s Anatomy”, with an estimated 39.4 billion minutes of broadcast. Then, the sequence includes: “Criminal Minds”, “NCIS”, “Skits Creek”, “Supernatural”, “Shameless”, “New Girl”, “The Blacklist” and “Vampire Diaries”.

There is a mastery even among the original series Forum, Taking nine out of 10 places. “Ozark” ranks first on the list, followed by “Lucifer”, “Crown” and “Tiger King”. The only exception to Netflix was Disney plus “The Mandalorian”, with the Star Wars universe succeeding in fifth place. place.

There is a stark difference between 57.5 minutes of “The Office” vs. 30.5 minutes of “Ozark”. However, this difference can be explained by the greater number of episodes in older series. While the sitcom has 192 episodes in nine seasons, there are only 28 in the three years of suspense.

In the Disney Films universe, “Frozen II” by Disney Plus, “Morana” from Netflix and “Secret Life of Pets 2” led the list for more broadcasts. Amazon Prime Video films did not feature in the top 10.

Nielsen’s list includes only televisions, ignoring visualizations on computers and cell phones, data not disclosed by platforms. The survey measures just four services: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Disney Plus.

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