The old number 8 pick for the deal did not take control

The old number 8 pick for the deal did not take control

Essenden has boosted its long stakes with the acquisition of Peter Wright.

The bombings gave the Gold Coast the No. 8 pick in the 2014 NAB AFL Draft, a future fourth-round pick.

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With Tom Belchembers retiring and Joe Danher and Sean McKernan finding new homes through free agency, the bomber needed to be assisted by an extra long and forward Sam Dropper.

Wright joins the club on a three-year deal until 2023.

“We are delighted that Peter has been recruited from the Gold Coast and will be joining the club by at least the end of 2023,” said Adrian Dodoro, Dunes’ list manager.

“Given Peter’s tough scoring and goal-scoring ability, we think this is a qualifying achievement for our forward line and rock division. Must enter at the top, so it’s a real win for us to bring someone we know can be an asset to our playing group.

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“Peter is actually a local boy, a resident of the Mounty Ponds, and this is a great homecoming for him after six seasons with the Gold Coast Sons. I’m happy. “

Wright has shown encouraging signs in his six years on the Gold Coast, but failed to play a senior game in 2020 after playing 17 games last year.

The Sun chose to play only two true highs this season, and with the rapid growth of Ben King and the resurgence of Sam Day, Wright remained on one side.

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He was an emergency on more than 10 occasions.

With so many minor changes, Wright missed several scratch matches to suppress his claims, as he was put on standby to play seniors.

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The 24-year-old has played 66 games so far in his career.

“Peter has been a famous and respected partner during his time at Suns and we appreciate his contribution,” said John Haines, Sun’s manager of football operations.

“We wish Peter and his partner Ellie all the best for the future.”

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