The oldest commercial airplane in Brazil is about 45 years old – 01/09/2021

The oldest commercial airplane in Brazil is about 45 years old - 01/09/2021

The Boeing 727-200F of Total Linhas Ares is the oldest commercial aircraft in Brazil. Built in 1976, the aircraft completes 45 years in May. The aircraft was originally built to transport passengers, but in 1997 it was converted into a freighter.

The oldest aircraft in operation in Brazil has been in the country since 2007, when it was inducted into Total Linhas Ares’ fleet. The company described the Boeing 727-200F as “an aircraft with tradition and history, the aircraft most widely used in the air cargo segment in the largest companies in the world”.

Despite its advanced age, the Boeing 727-200F has all the safety requirements to stay in business. According to the RAC (Aeronautical Registry of Brazil) of the NAC (National Civil Aviation Agency), the final certificate of airworthiness, which certifies the operating conditions of the aircraft, was issued in July 2019 and is valid until April 2023.

Begin operations in the United States

Built in May 1976, the Boeing 727-200F has a serial number of 21,200 (this number is not related to the number of aircraft in the model). The aircraft was delivered to the former United States airline Hughes Airwest in August 1976.

In 1980, Hughes Airwest was purchased by Republic Airlines and received paint from the new airline. In 1986, the Boeing 727-200 would replace the operator again. This time, Republic Airlines was purchased by Northwest Airlines and the aircraft changed its painting again.

Conversion of freedom

The aircraft had flown from the Northwest until 1997. After completing 21 years in passenger transportation, the Boeing 727-200 converted to cargo transportation and was transferred to Florida (USA) -based cargo airline Express One International. Between 2002 and 2007, he flew for custom air transport before being inducted by Total Linhas Ares.

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In Brazil, the Boeing 727-200 is used exclusively by Total to service the post office night postal network, but may eventually be used for other cargo charters as well. The aircraft has a load capacity of 25 tonnes and a flight range of 3,300 km.

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