The Paulista shutdown must be completed, but it shows the failure of the governor of São Paulo. PVC blog

The Paulista shutdown must be completed, but it shows the failure of the governor of São Paulo. PVC blog

The governments of the United Kingdom and Portugal decided the lockdown in December and January, kept football in play and managed to reduce the number of cases and deaths. The United Kingdom is the sixth country per million inhabitants index. The situation was grim in December, but Boris Johnson felt football had a minor impact. Hence the game continued. Portugal’s Prime Minister Antonio Costa thought so too. Portugal has reduced cases from 7700 to 979 in one day, with football and isolation taken seriously.

São Paulo Governor João Doria thought differently and paralyzed team sports competitions. If it helps reduce the tragedy of deaths per day in Brazil, then there is no debate. It is unbelievable, then, to wait on Monday to stop, instead of stopping the day that the emergency was detected. The virus is not closed over the weekend.

João Doria announces São Paulo’s red stage across the state

This place will never defend civil disobedience. What does not stop the reflections. By ordering football to close again and operating the state with more restrictions during the epidemic, and with the most deaths (it is the eighth and not the last in the index per 100 thousand inhabitants), Doria admits his failure Does.

It is true that the nuisance belongs to all of us, that we did not quarantine seriously. The country has failed. Doria too.

There is another reason for mistrust in the Governor’s current speech: lies. Seventeen days before the municipal elections, Doria guaranteed that she would not extend the ban. The next day after the election, he announced the return of the entire state of São Paulo to the yellow zone. It was not a total, emergency stop, as it is now, but Doria lies. In the narrative of Pedro and Wolf, today he risks civil disobedience in the inner cities.

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Opposition mayors listen to orders and turn a blind eye to open trade.

The tragic situation of Brazil requires the government to follow orders. This does not mean giving a blank check to whoever has failed to control the epidemic.

We all fail! Doria too.

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