The photographer looked like a stunning photograph of a beautiful full moon

The photographer looked like a stunning photograph of a beautiful full moon

Pictures of a photographer have gone viral after being caught in a full moon climb by a rock arc – it looks exactly like the human eye.

Nature photographer Zach Cooley has amassed more than 17,000 likes on Instagram with a breath-taking shot, which he says took months to plan.

She took an October photo during a short vacation at Arches National Park in Utah, Utah on October 28th.

Giving information on his Instagram page, zachcooleyphoto, He said: “I planned the whole holiday around the fact that the moon would be aligned with this bow and I could get some scary eyes on Halloween week.

The magnificent photograph looks exactly like a human eye

“It was difficult to plan for this shot and it started months ago.

“Despite citing the position of the moon in many applications, there is nothing close to the guarantee that you will be in the right place, a few steps in any direction and you will not get a shot.

“In two nights I got some shots and double exposure, I thought it was the best for the eyesight, what do you think?”

Thousands of Waha fans admired the ambitious shot, and some cheesy eyeballs popped out. Given.

Some have questioned whether the moon could ever be larger than Earth or if it was edited.

One said: “You have a real eye for photography.”

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Jack later added: “Whenever the moment approached I was not so nervous for the photo, and I was never happy with the result of the planning as the moon appeared where I was hoping and went completely silent. “

It looks like Zach will pay for itself weekly, because of the demand Selling jaw prints leaving the moment of the moon on his website.

The arch in the photo is known as the delicate arch.

It is 16 meters high, and is the most famous of the 2,000+ natural sandstones in the 76,000 acre national park.

Small figures based on the delicate arch give an idea of ​​the scale of the Utah roadmark.

Critical Arc is one of the most famous sites in the US state of Utah.

This year the full moon of Halloween – traditionally known as Harvest or Hunter’s Moon depending on how close it falls to an autumn Wednesday – was also a blue moon.

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