The picture of solar power plates installed on the water channel is of India, not of Brazil

It is wrong that the federal government has established solar panels about the channel Sao Francisco River Transposition, The posts bring up an image of the alleged work and claim that it was made under the determination of the President Jair Bolsonaro (pl), but the photos were actually taken in India more than four years ago.

The President also announced a similar project in 2019, but it did not take off. According to the report, the So Francisco and Paranaíba Valleys Development Company (Codewasf) stated that no installation of solar-generating plates is being carried out at the site.

A post with a misleading image has been shared at least 44,000 times on Facebook.

source of photos

state inquiry Used Google’s reverse search engine to identify the source of the photo. This tool allows you to see the second time the image is published (Here’s how you can do it,

Available in one of the photos report good From AECOM to Visakhapatnam City Hall on the West Coast of India (see document below), AECOM is a company specializing in consultancy for infrastructure projects.

state inquiry Contacted us by email to confirm that the photo was taken in Visakhapatnam city, but did not return. The report is from 2017, so the photo is from before Bolsonaro was elected president.

The source of the second picture could not be found. By doing a reverse search, it was possible to find it on a Twitter profile claiming to be an Indian initiative. Better quality photos allow you to identify the watermark from the name of Instagram profile about engineering. The original post also claims to be working in India, not Brazil.

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One bbc story Shows that the technology has already started to be implemented in the Asian giants. There are over a billion people in India and the pressure for land is enormous. The technology is important because it allows for energy production in an area that was already occupied and could not be used for housing or food production.

In addition, placing photovoltaic cells over a watercourse cools the equipment and reduces evaporation from the channel.

The central government has already talked about implementing this technology.

In August 2019, President Jair Bolsonaro inaugurated it First phase of floating solar power plant set up in Sobradinho ReservoirThe So Francisco Hydroelectric Company (CHESF) K. It is a research and development project to assess the results and their feasibility, the results of which are expected to be carried out in April 2022.

The technology can be implemented along 477 km of So Francisco transposition channels, informed Ministry of Mines and Energy. Part of the generated energy can feed the pumps of the transposition work itself, while the rest can be made available for consumption by the population.

Since then, there is no news that the project has progressed. This is a sign that the content is fake, as infrastructure policy of this size will be reported.

Codewaf, operator of the So Francisco River Integration Project (PISF), was contacted to say whether there is already a stretch with photovoltaic power generation. The agency replied by e-mail that “no activity is being carried out for the purpose of setting up panels for the purpose of generating solar power”.

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This rumor has been investigated for being among the main suspects circulating on Facebook. Estadio Vera has access to a list of potentially false posts and data about them going viral due to a partnership with the social network. When the information in our checks is misleading, Facebook reduces the reach of its dissemination. Social network users and page administrators receive notifications if they have posted or shared posts marked as fake. Anyone who wants to post content that has previously been flagged as untrue is also sent a notice.

A prerequisite for participating in the partnership with Facebook is to obtain certification from the International Fact Checking Network (IFCN), which happened in January 2019 in the case of Estadio Vera. For the International Federation of Fact Checkers the certifying entities sign one. code of principles and make commitments in five areas: non-partisanship and fairness; transparency of sources; transparency of funding and organization; system transparency; and an open and honest reform policy. Commitment to these practices fosters greater balance and accuracy in work.

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