The producers of Netflix’s ‘Circle’ explain how the program works

The producers of Netflix's 'Circle' explain how the program works

Even in “chips” Circle They are lies!
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The Netflix Circle It is intriguing to audiences everywhere. Part reality show, part game show, part dating show, the series follows contestants who live alone in apartments and only compete with each other on a social media platform called Circle to win $ 100,000. But the problem is that some of them are not what they appear to be. Catfish are among us. And the program itself is not free from similar behavior.

Although the American version, which surfaced on January 1, shows aerial photographs of American cities such as Chicago and Milwaukee, the show was certainly filmed in northern England. The show’s producer Tim Harcourt said in a statement by Vulture, “We wanted the building not to be in one place for the American version, the feeling could be anywhere.” “While it made no sense to add photos of Britain and its cities, it was really confusing, so we added the landscape from the USA, to give most viewers what we believe to be elsewhere with an American touch.” America’s location. “So the show was fishing for us all the time. Don’t hate the player, hate … oh, wait.

The building where the exhibition takes place, and forms the basis of a specially created social media platform CircleApproach to international reality shows. There are four completely exclusive versions of the series for four different countries (Brazil and France coming soon to Netflix, and the original will be on Channel 4 in the UK) and, as you might guess, behind the scenes There are manufacturers who facilitate all the convoys. So, to get a better idea CircleInside, Vulture talks to Harcourt about how to tackle the show’s unusual logistics: from customizing the “arena” to each different version, to help facilitate players’ fishing efforts. Until emulating a voice-activated social platform.

The show took, socially, oddly enough on social media. What do you understand by the reaction of the American audience?
It was a bit slow in the first week, but it seems to have really taken off, especially on Instagram and Twitter. This is very good. Obviously, this is going on here. [in the U.K.] For a few years, but the reactions of many were very fresh, just a pleasure to discover something new. A lot of people said, “Oh, I didn’t expect you to like a reality show, but I really liked it and I got the impression,” which is really great. We have a long history of what I would call good quality improvisation programs. So there is little surprise here when something like this appears.

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Circle Takes an approach to reality programming that we haven’t seen much of here in the US, especially the concept that they live so close to each other, but can’t meet, unlike other reality shows where they are in a mansion live with. What was it like to find a building to shoot?
Apartment blocks are incredibly difficult to find because what we really need is a completely empty apartment block, because we don’t want to share it with the residents who live there. We took everything under our control. We have to drill cables and put cameras, but you also need an apartment that other people won’t miss. Especially for the British version, in particular, it comes out every night and is recorded at the same time, so you don’t want anyone to catch a big sign that says “Rebecca is really a catfish.” It takes about four or five months and you go into a lot of frogs kissing and some shitty building blocks in your time. But we love what we ended up with. And we help make each apartment a truly desirable and great location where people would love to live, whether they are alone or as a couple.

You can definitely see different personalities in each apartment. Does the layout change or fill the entire block as new people arrive?
We have about 12 apartments ready to use, and when someone leaves the apartment, we usually redesign some elements. Therefore, the next to enter will always occupy the first free. We shot all four versions of the show in a single apartment block in a city called Salford, Manchester, UK. And for each edition, Brazilian, American, French, British, we had to design a personal touch that would make it a home for everyone living there. Therefore Brazilians like it to be very light. He likes to plant many plants. The Americans wanted all their comforts. We supply all of their refrigerators with food they loved, American food or Brazilian food. We made you feel at home for everyone living there. For all intents and purposes of the viewer, it is a home of sorts. We show footage from the US, Milwaukee and Chicago, but I think it was widely publicized on the internet that it was not filmed in Chicago, it was filmed in northern England.

Okay, so for the Brazilian version, are there pictures from Brazilian cities?
The Brazilian version has images of Salvador and cities such as Rio and São Paulo. Then, we completely changed the interior, so when you see the Brazilian and French versions in 2020, most of the apartments will not be recognizable.

So, should each version of the show be filmed at different times?
First, we shot the American version. We started shooting in mid-August last year, at the end of a very fast summer. You can see them sitting and without clothes, Joey without a shirt. After finishing the US version, we shot the UK version for Channel 4. This is the second season in the UK. And it came out every night. And then that show was over and the whole of Brazil went into the cast building. Then they left and in early December an entire French cast went away. So, basically, we were allowing different castes to come in and play, which, I think, is really like the arena or court that is our building.

How was it to see various artists walking around the building?
In fact, it is very interesting. I loved American artists. He felt very morally focused. They are not strategically pitted against each other, and they are all true to themselves and their friends, realizing that the connections they have made through the circle are actually real and likely to win. Are more important than. On the other hand, the British would probably sell their grandmothers for a premium. They happily turn against each other. The Brazilians doubted each other all the time, and the French were incredibly strategic, intelligent, and calculating. We saw many of these different game strategies, as well as the different cultural differences we play between different people. The Brazilians were kinda weird and wanted to party every night, while the Americans were very happy to spend some nights in bed reading their book or just relaxing. It was incredibly interesting to have an idea of ​​all these different cultures.

More information about the building: How did you make the now iconic circle outside the building?
I do not have the exact dimensions, but I think it is a 25 meter diameter aluminum rail, which has corroded in front of the building and so we put LED lights around the circle. In the first season, everyone thought we had created a post-production effect with the lights, but were actually reflecting and glowing in the players’ rooms, in front of the lights building. In fact, there is a hotel in Manchester where, if you go up to the 20th floor, there is a bar. You can clearly see the lights in our building, if it is on.

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Is there a control room where you see everything?
There is absolutely a huge control room. We passed all the cables from that building to it: it was like an abandoned university campus [the building]. There we had a very large control room, working between 20 to 30 producers and videographers at any given time, recording, recording whatever was happening, and studying the game and from the circle Used to send all messages. It’s like being a general in an army, I think.

The Circle App was created for the show, but how does it actually work when a player wants to send a message?
The app is a suitable chat technique, a bit like WhatsApp, I think with bells and whistles and a lot of extra details. When we started, we tried to use everything through speech recognition. If we had attained speech recognition at the level that circles, it would probably already be a job for Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates. So what we really have is that when you talk to the congregation, there is a creator who pronounces what you say. It is immediately pushed into the next room. So there is some humanity in the app, and they are some creators whose job is to control the order of the players.

Some of the catfish in the show use pictures of someone like Seaborn. But in the case of Mercedes, we were never told who you really are.
I think Karen said he never met the girl when she met the Mercedes man. But what we did was ask what kind of person he wanted to play. She provided us with many people and profiles she might know and then we helped her contact them to license her photos effectively and made her aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the fact that her photos is being used. Playing catfish may have its rewards, but it is also difficult. She could not find anyone close to her, whose profile she wanted to use. So when players ask us if they can help, we can intervene.

Catfish or not, what do you think is a successful game in the series?
I used to think they were authentic and honest people, but I really don’t think it’s a secret to success, although getting it right can be a great strategy. I think the secret to success is a brilliant communicator. You see incredible people: incredible CEOs, men and women who are successful announcers, like Oprah Winfrey or Sheryl Sandberg, people love it. What they all have is that they are incredibly strong communicators.

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