The Richmond Tigers did it the hard way to win their third flag in four years

The Richmond Tigers did it the hard way to win their third flag in four years

Gary Ablet was denied a fairy tale ending. When sad, he played bravely but his impact was minimal. For Patrick Dangerfield, his shiny resin .I still don’t remember the crown jewel. He was important in the first half, but when he got on the game line, he was shaded by Martin.

The format of the match changed dramatically after just six minutes. Richmond’s defense was fully headed by Nick Vlastuin at Dangerfield’s forehead. He was out like a light. In space of seconds, the left shoulder of the elbow was stuck by a Trent Cochin breed. The champion sighed and walked towards the rooms. It turned out that her last dance could end with just a few beats. But the cats were leaning towards Medico Elder, and the storm caused him to return to Earth before the quarter was out. Vlastuin will not be so lucky. Descended from the Gabba, Beckman was back on his feet a long time ago but was not in a position to return.

The game was then suspended for a while after Medcap’s opening period ended, some ground attackers were brought down and quickly taken off the field. Where else but Queensland?

The scoundrels have booty.Credit:Glenn Hunt

After a long time to remove Vlastuin from the field, these cats got off to a good start. In greasy conditions, he still managed to play his mark-heavy game. However, the cats did not change quickly into pieces. Tom Hawkins missed a long set shot, as did Dangerfield, who won a free kick after bringing down Graham. The Tigers didn’t need any more invitations. Dion Prestetia hit the first goal of the brilliant final after a few quick hands inside Richmond’s Forward 50. A clean pass from Martin started playing for Liam Baker and established comedian Macintosh for a long time. Richmond’s speed seemed to be bothering the cats. But Geelong had the answers. Cameron Guthrie and Mitch Duncan both had brilliant starts, and both did what their high-profile teammates failed to do with a drill set shot early in the quarter.

The Cats had a win during the quarter-time interval when Jordan Clarke won a brilliant final sprint, and the victories continued in favor of Chris Scott after the break. With Tom Stewart in control of the defense, Geelong dominated much of the second quarter, making Richmond regionally effective and impressing with a formidable attack on the ball. Richmond, Wallaston, was overlooked. Trent Cochin held Dangerfield in a shooting contest, Dangerfield replaced the incoming free kick. Noah Balta turned the ball over to Joel Selwood, with Sam Menegola scoring his first goal in return. Then Albet, the son of the “God” resurrection, dealt a clever blow to Selwood, who in turn set up a Hawkins set shot from which the Coleman medalist made no mistake.

The margin reached 22 points, and it could have been more serious for Richmond, with the Green Meyers spraying a gilt-aged prospect and Zach Tuhi missing another. Richmond needed something quickly. Tom Lynch threw a seater in his pocket but Martin – in the usual style – stopped Jake Coldzschne from a real blow.

After a half-hour hiatus, Richmond picked up where he left off. Now it was the Tigers who were repeating 50 entries. Jack Rev. Ludd crossed his first game and mistakes began to roll in Zeelong’s game. Jason Castagna went through his first, a Rhys Stanley should probably have touched the line. A great way to play with the cats ended with Meyer settling into the race, but Ken Lambert added another for Richmond. Martin then introduced Tiger for the first time since the opening period. Geelong regained his composure but Ablet was working hard and Richmond was growing. The Tigers advanced two points towards the final change and also made a perfect start to the final stage when Priesta threaded the needle out of her pocket.

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Bolton then found Lynch, who finally made his mark after a quiet night. Martin sent each other off the ground, and Geelong’s back seemed to be broken. Sam Simpson was in a collision with teammate Menegola, causing another long delay as the young man was thrown into a car. Minegola hit his second kick but it was too late, too late, Martin and Martin’s fourth added an extra layer to Richolt’s second Richmond cake.


Richmond: Martin, Short, Bolton, Nankervis, Graham, Baker, Edwards. Geolong: Duncan, Menegola, Stewart, Selwood, Taylor


D. Martin (Richmond) 8
If. Short (Richmond).
M. Duncan 7
Mr. Bolton (Richmond) 7
Mr. Menegola (Geelong) 7

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