The sculptor of the wax museum in Paraná becomes the meme, but thanks: ‘It’s revealed’ – 01/09/2021

The sculptor of the wax museum in Paraná becomes the meme, but thanks: 'It's revealed' - 01/09/2021

77-year-old businessman Arlindo Armacolo believes that everything in life has a purpose, and that every human being is capable through his will power to reach his goal. “If you don’t know how to play guitar, it’s because you don’t want to. Just want to, try and learn,” he says.

Steadfast, he himself, who was a bank employee and now owns real estate and other businesses, decided to become an artist. Paint and Sculpture. He took classes, trained on weekends and in his spare time. He built a studio in an empty room in his house in Rolandia (PR).

It was there that he produced more than 80 canvases and about 30 wax statues – among them, which are now full-size nationally. Created by him Mahatma Gandhi, Ayrton Sena, Martin Luther King and Lady Di are doing This is the result of happy and early education. Technology of Is Armacolo Shaping wax above clothing store mannequins.

In the first week of 2021, smiling dramas became one of the most discussed topics on the Internet. They were born to be memes.

In 2012, the Spanish woman ended up going viral as the devoted restaurateur Cecilia Giménez. Tried to touch Christ’s face on a mural in Borja’s sanctuary. However, he has not been moved. Steadfast in his belief in purpose, he says: “It was all good, you see? It divided my work. It was meant to be”.

And a myth arises

Posts and jokes about Aramacolo’s sculptures reproduce photos and a video from the 2015 Parana newspaper Folha de Londrina. The material is part of a report on the opening of the exhibition with work by the practitioner, which has been held in São José Parish.

In the video about the exhibition, he smiles, proudly saying that all humans are very similar. However, there are strange characteristics, which make one person different from another. “It’s the details,” he sows. “The expressions on the face, the way of seeing, the turning of the mouth, the shape of lips?”

The rebuttal of the video and the lack of similarity between the “description” of most of the sculptures reported and the “description” of personalities indicates.

Armacolo hit. “He took some pictures from a little angle. It didn’t help,” he said. “At the time the exhibition opened, pictures of celebrities painted were placed next to each sculpture. Nobody said they were different, see?”

The businessman stated that, until recently, some of the sculptures ended up tracing their realism – this is because they were not properly preserved while being exposed in the church. Parts of him were also stolen, compromising his work.

“The idols were abandoned. It caused damage, right,” he complained. For example, he stole Chico Xavier’s berry. there’s no way. “

Fermacolo at the Rolandia Wax Museum - Fernando Cremonose / UOL - Fernando Cremonose / UOL

Armacolo at Rolandia Wax Museum

Image: Fernando Cremonz / UOL

Faith and purpose

Armacolo is a practicing Catholic. Due to his proximity to the then priest responsible for the parish of São José, Monsignor Jose Augius, his very secular statues were finished in the church.

The story goes like this: There is a tower in the parish built decades after its opening in 1942. The tower contained a deserted area, a type of mezzanine.

On Beautiful Day, 2014, Armacolo and Father Augius talked about space. At that time, the businessman had completed his first sculpture depicting Mother Teresa of Calcutta. He told the pastor that he intended to create other such works, and suggested exposing them all to the church. “The priest was very ‘open-minded’, you know?

Armacolo then went on to call the other 19 idols in the series “Friends of God”. The entrepreneur himself did everything, as he worked. “Well, I knew a wax figurine was wax, okay? I bought the wax. Now, how to soften the wax, color it, make the texture, I learned and learned it all myself.”

Sculptor with character Chaves - Fernando Cremonez / UOL - Fernando Cremonez / UOL

Sculptor with character Chaves

Image: Fernando Cremonz / UOL

It was in this process that the entrepreneur found the right time to color the painted people. I felt that I could finish each sculpture and only then paint it, but it was best to mix the paint in wax before sculpting. Later painting, only in details.

Armacolo also learned on his own that a wire structure was needed to keep the idols from breaking their hands. He used orange peels to shape uneven skin texture.

He also bought wigs, false nails and ordered dentures for each statue. It imported eyes from England. “Here in Brazil, they don’t make eyes as I wanted”, he said.

He also adopted the church’s mezzanine from his resources for the exhibition. According to him, he made all the investments thinking about the well being of the city. “Thank God I can. I did it because I wanted to.”

About two years ago, Father Augius left Sao Jose Parish. It was after the transfer that Armacolo felt that his idols were not well taken care of. “They set up a studio on mezzanine. The work was in a corner. Then I decided to get them out.”

Rolandia Wax Museum (PR)

Man of art

At the end of 2019, Armacolo was already working on the idea of ​​opening his own museum in Rolandia. He decided to use one of his properties in the city to display other sculptures he had produced since 2015, in addition to canvases of various themes that he had painted since 2000, when He took his first painting classes.

The Ilidoro Armacolo Museum, named after Arlindo’s father, opened in 2020. More than ten statues displayed for the first time in the church were taken there. “I restored them one by one and exposed them again,” he explained.

The epidemic prevented a visit to the museum. He even went on to say that, as his work was criticized on the Internet this week, his three grandchildren also asked him to reconsider whether he too should expose his work to the public and, consequently, the Internet For general checking of users.

Armecolo handles the material to collect its replicas - Fernando Cremonz / UOL - Fernando Cremonz / UOL

Armacolo handles the material to collect its replicas

Image: Fernando Cremonz / UOL

“One of my granddaughters, who is 13 years old, cried, you know? She said she liked her grandfather a lot. She didn’t want to see anyone making fun of me, did she?” told The tab.

The question of purpose, then, came up. “I sent a message to everyone in my family’s WhatsApp group,” said Amarkolo. He says that he has not even seen all this. I have heard it from my children (they have four) and grandchildren (they have seven). “It doesn’t affect me, see? When you do something with no joy to anyone, you shouldn’t give satisfaction to anyone. They are promoting it.”

Arlindo Armacolo ended the conversation by creating a general invitation to visit his museum – even with an epidemic. The place is located in the center of Rolândia, at Avenida Romário Martins, 626 and is open to the public on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 2 to 8 pm. On Sundays, 14h to 18h. Admission is free and, according to Armacolo, no visitors have complained about the collection.

The museum’s profile on Instagram, in fact, has many accolades. One comment even apologizes to the businessman for internet jokes. “Unfortunately the joke has come all over and over. Congratulations on the great work and the dedicated time,” wrote an Internet user last Thursday (7).

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