The series surpasses Bridgerton to become the most popular of 2021 on Netflix

The series surpasses Bridgerton to become the most popular of 2021 on Netflix

Forbes polled and reported that Ginny & Georgia is Netflix’s most popular live-action series in 2021, surpassing Bridgerton. The journal’s research was based on the platform’s top 10 rankings.

The magazine took into account the information until July. With that said, Ginny and Gergia were the most popular in the first semester.

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Bridgerton soon appears, which was expected. Surprisingly, if all forms of attraction are taken into account, the CoComelon kids’ program is the most popular.

After Ginny & Georgia and Bridgerton, the list includes Who Killed Sarah?, Friends Forever and Sweet Tooth, which only count original shows. Otherwise, iCarly and Manifest appear in third and sixth place respectively.

Remember that the Forbes list is built with data from the United States. For example, the manifest is not in Brazil.

Ginny and Georgia has been renewed on Netflix

The series follows teenager Ginny and her mother Georgia, who move to a small town in New England. A young neighbor turns to Ginny and the owner of a restaurant becomes a Georgia fan.

Unlike many series in the genre, Ginny and Georgia do not shy away from controversial topics such as mental health and racism.

The heaviest scenes were created with the help of psychologists, who worked to ensure the highest level of honesty and truthfulness.

O’Alenko De Ginny and Georgia Conta Com Brian Howe (The Exorcist), Antonia Gentry (Candy Jar), ​​Diesel La Torca (Little Monsters), Sarah Wiseglass (Degrassi), Jennifer Robertson (Shit’s Creek), Felix Mallard (Locke & Key) , Scott Porter (The Good Wife) and Raymond Eblack (Orphan Black).

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The first season of Ginny & Georgia is available on Netflix. The second year has been confirmed, but there is no first forecast yet.

Bridgerton and the other series mentioned are on Netflix (among them, iCarly only has one season – the series is full on Paramount+). Only manifest which is not in service and is on globeplay.

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