The skate park opens with the appearance of Bob Burnquist in Ribeiro

The skate park opens with the appearance of Bob Burnquist in Ribeiro

Ribeirao Preto’s sports department inaugurated the RP Skate Park in Maurilio Biagi Park this Saturday morning (9). The event, which runs till 8 pm, includes 57 cultural and sports activities. (click to see more)

Responsible for signing the project, skateboarder Bob Burnquist, considered the greatest Brazilian athlete in the sport, highlighted the impact of the equipment on new practitioners of the sport.

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The hope is that, following the Olympic medals by Resa Leal, “Fadinha”, Calvin Hoefler and Pedro Barros, Brazilian skateboarding will export more talent around the world, with Ribeiro participating in the process.

“We’re making progress. It’s a bigger clue than usual and it comes with the design and my attention from the project onwards. I ran as if it were a clue in my backyard. The idea is that I got all my attention.” There will be people from Europe, Australia, the United States wanting to come,” said Bernquist, the biggest X-Games medalist, with 30 medals.

“These kids who started running after the Olympics are waiting for the track to be ready. They’re going to start from scratch in very good quality. We’re going to start bringing not only national competitions, but International competitions are also going to bring. Quality of equipment. An impact for the region or Brazil, but an international impact in building a track,” he said.

RP Skate Park was inaugurated this morning (9) (Photo: Niana Kennedy / CBN Ribeirao)

The president of the Ribeirao Preto Skateboarders Association, Sergio Pacifico, classified the opening of the track as a “watershed” for the sport in the city.

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“It will change the landscape not only for skateboarders who are looking for professionalisation, but also for those who run for a hobby or pleasure. It will become a laboratory for many people. Those who want to participate in the Olympics Want to learn a game from them”, said.


According to the municipality of Ribeiro Preto, the RP Skate Park can also be used by practitioners of sports such as rollerblades and BMX.

The equipment, made on an area of ​​about 4 thousand square meters, collects a common place for street and park sports, which are part of skateboarding.

The track is expected to host the championship from 2022.

The total cost to the public exchequer was R$ 1,660,652.95, informed the executive.

RP Skate Park is inside Maurilio Biagi Park (Photo: Niana Kennedy/CBN Ribeirao Preto)

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