The ‘Sketch to Reality’ series premieres April 27 on Disney+. will be on

The 'Sketch to Reality' series premieres April 27 on Disney+.  will be on

hey Disney+ Invites you to an unparalleled drawing experience in the new original series, available in six episodes. from sketch to realityFrom Walt Disney Animation Studios, premieres April 27 Streaming. From Supper Club and in partnership with Walt Disney Animation Studios, viewers will have privileged access to the animation process as they are taught to design beloved Disney characters by the studio’s talented artists, including Kuzco In The Emperor’s New Groove, Olaf In Accumulated, talented In aladdin, captain Hook In Peter Pan, mirabelle In Attraction this is simba Youth In king lion,

An educative and intimate documentary series, from sketch to reality Takes us into the workspace and lives of these talented artists and animators as they teach us how to create an iconic character from a Walt Disney Animation Studios film. Each episode focuses on a single artist portraying a character that he helped create or inspired him to become an artist in the studio. As we learned how to draw these characters, we also discovered that each artist has a unique story to tell about how they came to Disney and their chosen character. from the creators of Chef’s TableThis unique experience will give viewers of all ages a new understanding of how these lovable characters come to life on screen, while also introducing them to a new cast of real-life characters.

“The series has unprecedented access to bringing these beloved characters to life,” says Supper Club director and executive producer Jason Starman. “We are honored to present this incredible group of artists who have relied on us not only to showcase their skills, but also to share their personal and often emotional stories with the world. We encourage audiences to pick up pencils. And hope to be inspired to put it on paper.”

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“Think about your favorite Walt Disney Animation Studios movies, whether it’s the early days, the movies from our 1990s revival, or the award-winning movies of today like Attraction And AccumulatedEvery film starts with an idea, a pencil and an artist. And among the thousands of actors who have produced our 60 films over the past century, each one has a unique and special story,” says series executive producer Amy Astley, senior vice president, promotion/communications, creative legacy, and brand strategy for Vault. Huh. Disney Animation Studios. “It was an honor to partner with Supper Club, whose projects like Chef’s Table Create beautifully drawn portraits of talented people. with from sketch to realityWe hope to revel in the art of drawing, making it accessible to anyone who picks up pencil and paper, as well as deepening appreciation for the individuals who have contributed to our films. ,

from sketch to reality Produced by Supper Club in partnership with Disney Animation. Jason Starman, David Gelb and Brian McGinn are executive producers of Supper Club. For Walt Disney Animation Studios, Amy Astley is the executive producer. Sterman, Leanne Dare and Andrew McAllister serve as directors.


The following are the characters and actors featured in the series:

Emperor’s new groove “Cuzco”

Gabby Capilli’s path to Disney Animation began when she was young and saw her first Disney movie in the cinema with her father, The Emperor’s New Groove, As Gabby teaches us how to draw her favorite character from the movie “Cuzco,” she also shares the importance of following your instincts and being free to let life take you where you are. .

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Frozen “Olaf”

As he teaches us how to draw “Olaf,” one of Disney Animation’s most beloved characters from the worldwide hit AccumulatedHyun Min Lee shared the joy of the character and described how he channeled a personal loss in becoming a guiding light in his animation career.

Aladdin “Genie”

Famed Disney animator Eric Goldberg walks us through the steps of designing his most iconic character creation, “The Genius” aladdinLearning about the way Robin Williams influenced the character and its animation.

Peter Pan “Captain Hook”

Growing up in South Korea, Disney animator and character designer Jin Kim has always been fascinated by Disney’s villains. As Jin teaches us how to draw “Captain Hook” Peter PanWe learn that his trip to the United States and his job at Disney were almost never completed because of his color blindness.

“Mirabel” Charm

Disney Animation story artist Samantha Vilfort teaches us how to draw “Mirabel Madrigal,” one of the studio’s newest characters from the award-winning hit film. Attraction, Through her story, we learn how strong and intense her connection is with Mirabelle’s struggle to be different from everyone else in her family.

The Lion King “Simba”

Storied Disney animator Mark Hein teaches us how to draw one of his favorite characters, “Young Simba” king lion, Through Mark’s story, we learn the importance of never giving up on our dreams, even in the face of rejection.

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